7 Tips to Improve Employee Punctuality

It is annoying for employers when employees have the habit of coming late to work. This is even worse when it comes to small enterprises because lateness costs the company. Therefore it is necessary to take action when you realize your employees tend to arrive late to work. Below are some of the ways you can ensure your employees come to work early.

  1. Ensure your Employees are Happy
  2. No unhappy employee will come to work early because they are not motivated to work. A happy employee will be committed to their work and do whatever is within their ability to arrive early. However, sometimes happy workers may also arrive late. It will help you if you  take the time to understand what challenges they may be facing instead of complaining about them.

  3. Involve Your Employees in Setting Strategies
  4. It is not easy for a worker to follow orders when you do not give them a chance to give in their ideas. If you plan with your employees when they are expected to report to work, they will more likely to be punctual and this will also improve employee engagement.

  5. Set Flexible Working Hours
  6. Employees have their own private lives and matters to sort. If they usually spend their whole day in the office working, they may end up reporting to work late. Therefore make sure you consider their personal life while setting the working hours. This is really important if you want to build a positive workplace culture.

  7. Set a Clear Policy
  8. Define employee lateness before you discuss it. Sometimes workers may report late because it is not clear what time is late. So, make sure your policy is clear. Long before you start using access control systems, let your staff members know when they are expected to report to work. 

  9. Reward your Employees
  10. When you do not appreciate the employees’ efforts, they are more likely to be less committed. If they are not committed to their work, you cannot expect them to be punctual. The reward may not be something big, even saying a few words of appreciation is enough. 

  11. Tackle the Issue Early
  12. If one employee has the habit of reporting to work late, you need to tackle the issue early before others start thinking it is okay to report late. Also, handling the problem early will ensure that you are not doing it in anger. Call the particular employee and try to understand why they report late then know how to fix it. Avoid threatening the worker to correct the problem.

  13. Let the Employee Know you are Disappointed.
  14. If you do not let the employee who reports late know you are not happy with their behavior, they may think you are okay with it. Punishing your employees is not the right way to resolve indiscipline. Try to understand why the employees come late and make your expectations clear; also ensure you do not force them to be punctual. Also, be sure to implement the right policies to minimize instances of lateness.

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