6 Amazing Caring Tips for Your Record Player

| Updated on November 3, 2023

Aside from its main purpose that is to play music, there are many things that you can do to your record player. Whether for quality maintenance, improvement, or even customization—these are perfect ways to show your enthusiasm and love for this medium of art. In this feature, you will know more about the things you can do to your vintage machine.

Replacing the Components

As we know, turntables are old machines, and it is fair to assume that some of their parts are also old and outdated. It is helpful to be aware of your player of any changes. Conduct thorough and regular inspections of its components inside and out. Replace the parts that are old or broken. This will ensure that your record player is on its optimal performance.

The stylus is one part of a record player that needs proper and delicate care. It needs to be cleaned every time before it is getting used. Gently brush the stylus from end to end to get rid of the dust. This will tremendously make the sound quality better as the needle will perfectly fit and fill the vinyl record’s grooves.

Additionally, replace the stylus regularly, preferably with a decent piece like the Audio Technica cartridge. This delicate material wears off easily because of friction from contact with the record. A needle not sharp enough might damage a vinyl record.

Cleaning the Turntable

Grime and dirt can always build upon this machine, just like any material in the house. Particles on the surface, especially on the top area of the record player, can badly affect the sound quality. Thus, make sure always to find time to clean the record player regularly. Use a damp and soft cloth to wipe the surface and a soft brush to clean the gaps. Also, make sure to include the inside of the machine when cleaning.

Correcting the Pitch

One thing that is often overlooked is for correcting the pitch. Over time, the angle changes, and it can affect the overall experience of the sound. Too slow or fast rotation of the record mainly causes this. If you notice this problem with your record player, it is best to bring it to repair shops for careful inspection and restoration. With their top-of-the-line tools, they can precisely and accurately adjust or fix any fault they may discover on your record player.

Building a New Enclosure

Most record player frames are old and, sometimes, too weak to protect the machine. If you are experienced enough, this is your most-awaited sign to make a new enclosure. This gives you all the advantages and freedom of customizing the look of your turntables – from designing to choosing the right material to use and for finishing. A new frame made of sturdy metal or hardwood can surely safeguard the turntable from any impact or leak, just another way to prolong the life of your precious sound medium.

Get More Records

Finally, using your record player regularly would keep it in good condition. While you put discs on top, you’ll be able to spot some problems and clean the device more often. As such, it is a great excuse to purchase new vinyl records, particularly the best anime LP soundtracks or pop album releases you don’t mind repeatedly playing in the background.

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