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| Updated on February 14, 2024

It is impossible to find a business today that does not benefit from using SaaS solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365. However, cloud service providers are only responsible for the operation of such solutions and not their full protection. This is why powerful Microsoft Office 365 data security is essential.


The Importance of Microsoft Office 365 Data Protection

Many users think that Microsoft Office 365 data security is something already included, but in fact, it is up to businesses to ensure the full security of their critical information. This is a part of the shared responsibility model adopted by SaaS providers.

 Here are the responsibilities of both parties involved:

  • Service providers –providers are usually responsible for the infrastructure of their products and the smooth operation of services. They are not adding to the underlying security measures available within Microsoft products.
  • Businesses –clients have to ensure the security of their data themselves. This includes moving the data into cloud storage, keeping it in them, and transferring it to other solutions if needed. At every stage of data management, security measures need to be adopted to prevent data leakage and theft.

It is essential to invest in Microsoft Office 365 data security as crucial data within any company can be lost in numerous ways. From human factors to cyberattacks, many dangers can lead to losing data and, therefore, time and money. International companies lose millions of dollars after successful hacker attacks, which means that data protection should not be taken lightly.

Why Native Microsoft Office 365 Data Security Features aren’t Enough

Of course, like any modern software, Microsoft Office provides certain native solutions for increasing your safety. However, Microsoft 365 data security is lacking in various sectors. Here are some of the weak points of Microsoft service protection that need to be enhanced additionally:

  • Insufficient ransomware protection – ransomware is one of the most powerful and damaging cyber threats that modern businesses face all the time. In case your company has not suffered because of it yet, it might happen in the future. Microsoft Office offers solutions for ransomware detection, although it does not help with preventing an attack or keeping your data safe. Recovery is possible, but it is lengthy and troublesome.
  • No proper backup for data – there are no sufficient backup solutions for all stored data. Regular and thorough backups are possible only with additional software.
  • Limited data control – online solutions allow sharing data and providing access to company employees with multiple levels of visibility. Native data access solutions are rather inconvenient.

While these solutions are widely used all around the globe, Microsoft Office 365 security issues are evident and need to be addressed.

SpinOne Solutions for Microsoft Office 365 Data Protection

SpinOne is an AI-powered Microsoft Office protection platform that delivers convenient and secure solutions for all kinds of data protection.

Ransomware Protection

SpinOne provides 24/7 risk assessment and monitoring for ransomware to protect the stored data. AI detects ransomware and blocks its source to secure the information.

Data Leak Protection

To prevent data from leaking, SpinOne allows monitoring of all shared data. Any abnormal event, such as sharing files within the company and outside it, can affect data. Full control settings allow providing access to data to specific employees.

Backup & Recovery

Convenient backup management helps with performing automatic backups a few times a day. Easy recovery is also available. All data can be downloaded to local devices in case of an emergency.


SpinOne is a platform designed to help businesses with securing their data online. Even the most reliable SaaS solutions do not provide full coverage security for business data. With all the advanced security options gathered on a single platform, SpinOne offers the most convenient data leak prevention, information management, recovery, and storage possible. Secure your data now to prevent costly downtime and permanent loss of information.

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