Repair OST Files in a Few Minutes via OST to PST

| Updated on March 4, 2024

OST to PST Converter is a tool developed by Recovery Toolbox that is required to convert, repair, and find deleted OST files. The program can convert your Microsoft Outlook account information without any damage so that you can extract received emails, unsaved contacts, calendars, notes, and tasks.

Here is the link to the program, it can find any damaged or lost data in a couple of clicks. This OST to PST converter is considered the most convenient and multifunctional application. The next thing to tell you is how the software differs, how to work with it, and whether it is possible to change the format without downloading the tool.

Why OST Needs to be Converted to PST

If a person has been working with the MS Outlook client for a long time, he would definitely know about the OST and PST formats – these are copies of your mail records connected to the program. Such files store all information from the mailbox (contacts of people, scheduled appointments, reminders, etc.), as well as information for restoring an account on another OS.

OST files are created on the server, so they are available only with a good connection. During technical problems and lack of access to the service, the ability to open OST disappears because MS Outlook cannot read such files. Besides, incorrect OST recovery would result in an unreadable file.

In addition, sometimes a PST to PST converter is needed due to a move to another operating system/computer, and the user has successfully lost control over the account. It is quite easy to move OST files to removable media, but they cannot be imported into Outlook because it only supports importing local PST files.

Click here, if you wish to convert EDB file to PST file.

Functionality and Advantages of the Program

OST to PST converter is only compatible with Windows operating system (all versions), so Mac owners won’t be able to use the software functionality. Moreover, the converter works with any version of Outlook from 1997. The functionality of the program is as follows:

  • Conversion of OST files of the ANSI extension (were valid on versions 97-03) and UNICODE (work from 2007 to the present).
  • Allows you to work even with damaged, protected, and encrypted files.
  • The user himself chooses which files need to be transferred to save only important information.
  • The contents of all OSTs can be previewed – all files are divided into specific categories.
  • You can convert not only to PST files, but OST to PST also works with MSG, EML, VCF, and TXT extensions.

The main plus for many users is that the tool can work with huge files in any quantity. If the file weighs more than 4 gigabytes, then 64-bit Outlook must be on your computer. Constant access to the Internet during work is not required, as well as an authorization on the Microsoft server and the use of Windows controllers.

OST Files with Ease

You’d have to pay before you can work with the tool, but you can download a demo version of the converter as well, then you will only have access to the function of converting OST files (no more than 5 objects per folder). The user interface is quite simple and intuitive, and the conversion is safe – the files save all information without any of them leaking out to third parties. Also, you can try an online version where you can see the final results and only after that pay!

Features of Using the Program

You can download the tool from the Recovery Tools website, its weight is small – 18 megabytes. After downloading, the next thing to do is go through a small installation, agree to the terms of the installer, and select the desired location. After completing the installation, a window will open with the choice of the source file, and then they will offer three options:

  • Conduct recovery. If there are damaged OST or PST files on the computer, they can be “brought back to life” through the tool, most of the document’s information will definitely be repaired.
  • Make a conversion. This mode is needed to convert healthy OST files to PST, as well as extract the content in the document to files of other extensions, which were mentioned a little above.
  • Find deleted files. When an account is deleted without saving important data, OST to PST can quickly recover some of the information. This function also works if you manually delete files.

Most users need conversion. If you select this option, the program will show the files’ contents, and all data will be divided into folders. For example, if the content is sent messages, then the tool will show who they were sent to, the subject of the message when it was received, and from whom. It remains to mark the files for conversion and click “Next.”

The next step is to specify the folder for moving the changed files and select the final format because, besides PST, there are several others. Click the “Save” button to start the conversion process. Run the converted PST in Outlook in the “Open & Export” tab after deleting the remaining OSTs in your account settings.

Online Version of the Converter

The disadvantage of the offline version of the program is that it can only work with personal computers running Windows; that is, users of Android, iOS, Mac, and others cannot use the converter. To recover files from any device, Recovery Toolbox has developed an online converter, which is similar in functionality to the program.

On the main page, the user is offered to either download or use the built-in converter. If you choose the online version, then the conversion is carried out in five stages:

Uploading a file to the site. The user needs to select an OST file and fill in two required fields: email and symbols with captcha. Email is needed to notify you about the completion of the conversion or to continue the process if it was interrupted. When you click Next, the file will be loaded, and the conversion will begin.

Convert from OST to PST. A special program will analyze the uploaded document, after which the user will be shown the conversion progress. The download time directly depends on the server load and the size of your file. Moreover, the final weight of the PST is much less than the source – this is due to some of the storage features of these two formats.

Preview. When the conversion is completed successfully, you will be informed about this in an email. The site will show the sizes of the source and destination files, and there is also an opportunity to preview the contents of the recovered document (as in the offline version).

Payment for the service. Using the online utility is paid, so you need to pay via PayPal or FastSpring service before you can receive the file. Payment is possible in a way convenient for the user – bank card, electronic wallet, bank transfer, and so on.

PST file download. If the payment is made, you will be redirected to the download page, and an additional URL link will be sent to the specified email address. The converted file can be downloaded to any device an unlimited number of times. However, ten days after the conversion, the ability to download through the service disappears, and the file will be deleted.

Download OST to PST Converter

Follow the link to try the demo, online version for $10, or buy a personal license for $50. The program is the best solution if you need an open OST file, and it is suitable for any files of this format. If you have any questions about the use, do not hesitate to contact the OST to PST support service as they work around the clock and respond to messages promptly.

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