How to Refresh Tata Sky Set-Top Box and DTH Account Using 4 Proven Methods?

| Updated on February 21, 2024

Tata Sky Ltd is one of the biggest DTH service providers worldwide and is used in many countries by millions of users. After recently rebranding itself from Tata Sky to Tata Play, there has been new energy and identity created around it from the side of venturethree (a global brand design company).

Well, with all said and done for the intro, let’s get to our today’s agenda. The users of Tata Sky seem to often encounter an issue during bad weather conditions or recharging the set-top box. 

Your Tata Sky account needs to be refreshed error

If you also get the message “Your Tata Sky account may be deactivated” or “Your Tata Sky account needs to be refreshed”, then welcome to the blog! As we are going to cover all the possible solutions using some pretty easy steps that anyone can follow. In this article, we are going to discuss how to refresh the Tata Sky set-top box and DTH account and how we can refresh them after recharge.


When Do you Need A Tata Sky Refresh?

Tata Sky offers flexibility and comfort to its users so that they don’t get bothered by any interruptions while watching whatever they want. At times, even after recharge, the error messages appear or the interruption in connection continues to display, that is the time when one has to do a Tata Sky Refresh. 

How to Refresh Tata Sky Set-Top Box?

If you are recharging an old Tata Sky account that was inactive for quite some time, then refreshing it is a must. It may sound like the opposite, but you have to make sure that your Set-top box is turned off when you recharge your Tata Sky. After you refresh your Tata Sky DTH account, the channels that you have subscribed to will appear in your account. It is easy to refresh your account, and you can continue reading the article to follow some easy steps. 

And not just that, if you are facing issues like an unresponsive set-top box, no signal, or recording problems in the DV, then you will have to reset or refresh your Tata Sky Set-Top Box.

Follow the steps given below to understand how:

  • Turn on the set-top box.
    Switch on the Tata Sky set-top box. (taken from internet)
  • Tap on the “Organizer” button on the Tata Sky Remote.
     Press the Organizer button.  (taken from internet)
  • Select the “System Settings” menu from Tata Sky.
    Tap on System Settings. (taken from internet)
  • Then simultaneously press the 0 and 1 buttons and then press the Select button on the Tata Sky Remote.
  • Now, you will find the Installer Setup where you can select to reset your Tata Sky account easily.
    Go to Installer Setup and find your Tata Sky account.  (taken from Internet)

Now, using these steps you can refresh your Tata Sky Set-Top Box. Let’s see how we can refresh the Tata Sky DTH Account.

Steps to Refresh Tata Sky DTH Account

There are some ways to refresh the Tata Sky DTH Account. We have listed below some easy ones for you. One of them will most likely work for you as per your situation and the error message.

Via Tata Sky by SMS

The refreshing of your Tata Sky Account by SMS is the best method. In order to do this, the users have to send a pre-determined SMS to the Tata Sky service number. Additionally, these SMSes will be charged as per your mobile plan.

There are two methods to refresh – using the SMS, SR (Soft Reset), and HR (Hard Reset). When you soft reset, you have to wait for 5 minutes. And if it does not solve your issue, try Hard Reset. The steps for both of the processes are as follows:

  • Send SMS SR to 56633 to soft reset your account.
    Type SR and send it to 56633.
  • Now, wait for five minutes. If the issue persists, then try to hard reset your account.
  • Send SMS HR to 56633 in order to hard reset your account.
    Type HR and send it to 56633.

Through WhatsApp Chatbot

To refresh your Tata Sky DTH account, you can use your WhatsApp number if it is the same WhatsApp number that is linked or registered with Tata Sky. 


If you have a WhatsApp account with a registered mobile number, you can follow this method.

  • Add and save the digits +91-1800-208-6633 to your contact list, and open the chat with it on WhatsApp.
    Open the chat after saving the number.

In case you want to do the procedure without saving the number, follow the below steps.

  • Type in the search bar of any browser and look for it.
  • Then you will be redirected to WhatsApp.
  • Now, type Refresh and send it.
  • After that, wait for 1-2 minutes.

And all done! Now your Tata Sky DTH account will be refreshed.

Using Tata Sky App

For both Android and iOS users, Tata Sky has its official application. With the application, the users can have access to their account information and other things about the Tata Set-Top Box. They can also refresh their accounts. To do so, you can follow the given steps below and refresh your account through the application.

  • Launch the Tata Sky application on your device.
  • Then in the top right corner, click on the profile icon.
  • Tap on the Settings option, and a new tab will appear.
  • Now, click on the Refresh Account button.

This way your account will be refreshed successfully through the mobile application of Tata Sky.

Via Missed Call

It is pretty easy to refresh your Tata Sky DTH account by the missed call method. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Open the Dialer of your smartphone.
    Open the dialer of your phone.
  • From your Tata Sky registered mobile number, call +91-90405-90405.
    Enter the digits +91-90405-90405 on your dial pad.
  • The call will automatically get declined from their side.
    Call on the number until it gets declined from the other side.
  • Now, you have to wait for 1-2 minutes.

And that’s it, now your account will be refreshed successfully.

How to Refresh Tata Sky Account After Recharge?

If you are wondering why your Tata Sky continues to show the old balance or error for recharging the Set-Top Box, then you need to follow the steps to solve the issue:

  • Give a missed call to 9040590405 from your registered mobile number with Tata Sky. Then wait for 2 minutes.

    Now, your Tata Sky account will successfully refresh in some time. If the above-given method doesn’t work, then follow the step given below:

  • Give a call to the Tata Sky Helpline Toll-Free Number 18002086633 from your registered Tata Sky number and choose the option of Tata Sky Refresh by pressing the number 1 on call. 

This way, your Tata Sky account will be refreshed successfully after the recharge and the updated balance and info will get displayed to you.


What is the refresh number for Tata Sky?

The users can refresh their accounts through their registered mobile number with Tata Sky. They just have to give a missed call on +91-90405-90405 and then wait for 1-2 minutes.

How many ways are there to refresh your Tata Sky account?

Refresh the Tata Sky account, there are 4 ways:

  • By SMS service
  • Via Missed call
  • By using the Tata Sky App
  • Through WhatsApp

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