Why Zombie Characters Are So Popular in Online Games

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Many adventure games, shooters, and others, even if not dedicated to zombies, include such a mode. Even in children’s games, similar characters appear. What is their attraction for players and developers? Is it possible to do without them? Take a look at the best gaming platform Game Karma, and you will understand that zombies might be not as scary as they seem at first glance.

Psychological Causes of Zombie Polarity in Online Games

It seems that in online games the player controls his character, contributing to the unfolding of the plot in a certain direction. However, in order to encourage the player to take certain actions, game developers are also inclined to resort to manipulative technologies. The use of zombies in the game is one such important manipulative hook.

Aspect of Will

Zombies are a threat, as they come to this world from beyond reality. Therefore, the appearance of such characters in games immediately alerts the hero and gives a signal for action. As a rule, this signal is unambiguous:

  • either fight
  • or hide
  • and run away

Therefore, one of the reasons for the importance of introducing such characters is the activation of the volitional aspect of the human psyche.

Unambiguity of Characters

Choosing less unambiguously negative characters for villain roles can leave the player with doubts and a moment of choice. How do deal with this hero? An example of such ambiguous heroes is witches or sorcerers and even vampires. With zombies, an unequivocal reaction is achieved instantly. Therefore, they act as a road sign, clearly indicating the further direction for the player and his character.

Importance of Emotions

  • In order for the player to enjoy the game, it is important to offer him a rich emotional palette. And the specific colors that he will use when choosing one or another game mode depend on him. 
  • The emotion of fear of death is one of the strongest in humans. Zombies just trigger this mechanism of fear in the human psyche.
  • Despite the fact that the emotion of fear is regarded as negative, it causes a reaction in the body in the form of an adrenaline rush into the blood. 
  • And in order to experience the emotional catharsis afterward, for which computer games are so valued, such a physical reaction is very important.

Why Game Developers Use Zombies So Often in Their Games

An essential reason for the frequent use of zombies in online games is the convenience of this character for developers. This is a ready-made negative character that does not need to be thought out. Coming up with a new frightening hero is not so easy. You can put all your imagination into it and make it the worst of the worst, but the players simply will not be afraid of it. This means that all those psychological mechanisms that were described above simply will not work.

If you need strong emotions from online games, do not forget about games with zombies. On the Game Karma platform, you will find such a wide selection of all kinds of games, that any preferred emotion will be touched on for sure.

Priyam Ghosh

Tech and Internet Writer

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