What to Expect From the Upcoming PS6? – Rumors, Specs, Expected Price, Release Date, and More!

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Sony released PlayStation 5 in 2020, and the tech giant is already looking forward to its successor – the PlayStation 6! Even though the PS6 is several years away from release, speculations about its price, features, specs, and even the release date are around the corner. 

Gaming enthusiasts are already interested in knowing as much detail as possible about the next-generation console. And the rumors have already gotten their hopes up.

So, you can expect Sony to go the extra mile to give a jaw-dropping experience to the eager customers willing to get their hands on PlayStation 6.


This write-up will enlighten you a bit about the upcoming addition to the PlayStation series – the PS6, and help you get an idea about the essentials. Read on!

PS6 Release Date: Facts and Speculations

Predictions can be easily made regarding the release date of PlayStation 6. Despite several rumors, the two facts mentioned below helped to figure out the release date. 

First, Masayasu Ito, who is the VP of Hardware Engineering at Sony, claimed that the lifecycle of PS5 is six or seven years. Based on his statement, we can expect the PlayStation 6 release date to be in the latter months of 2028.

Why late in 2028? This is because, after the launch of the PS3, Sony has always released the next addition late in the year. For example, the release dates of PS4 and PS5 were November 15, 2013, and November 19, 2020. So, you can expect the PS6 release date to be around November 2028.

Meanwhile, Sony has already released an official trailer.

Second, Microsoft decided to acquire Activision Blizzard, but the Federal Trade Commission had issues with this deal. According to Forbes, Sony says it couldn’t reveal PS6 information to Activision after the Microsoft Deal. This prohibits Activision from startibng to develop games for Sony because the latter will be its direct competitor. In that case, Microsoft has only allowed Activision to release games on PlayStation until 2027.

Activision is also the developer of Call of Duty, which is one of the top selling electronic games. So, the company will lose the game franchise deal with Sony until it launches the next PS console. So, when is the PS6 coming out? Regarding this case, Microsoft has already made a statement that it expects Sony to release the next PS console in 2028. 

Hence, you can at least expect the PS6 launch in the fall of 2028. Moreover, you can also get an idea of the release date of PlayStation 6 by checking out the release dates of all previous PlayStation consoles.

Release Date of all Previous PlayStations

As there’s a 3-5 year gap between each PlayStation edition, you can also get a clear idea from the previous PS release dates. Have a look:

Console NameRelease Date
PSSeptember 9th, 1995
PS OneSeptember 19th, 2000
PS2October 26th, 2000
PS2 SlimNovember 25th, 2004
PS3 November 17th, 2006
PS3 SlimSeptember 1st, 2009
PS3 Super SlimSeptember 25th, 2012
PS4November 15th, 2013
PS4 SlimSeptember 15th, 2016
PS4 ProNovember 10th, 2016
PS5November 12th, 2020

It is clear that Sony took at least four years to release the next console after the launch of the PS3. But, the launch pattern also justifies that Sony may release the PS5 Pro or Slim, and the news is already out that it will be launched in September 2023. This upcoming gaming console will have a detachable disk drive with a USB-C port at the back. Hence, it pushes the launch date of the next console way ahead.

PS6: Possible Specs & Features

The PlayStation series has been a step ahead when it comes to adding features and specs to their mighty consoles. According to some recent PS5 reviews, the console has already lived up to the expectations of customers.

However, at this stage, we can only hope and wish for the best from the makers, as they’re about to release the next console. So, the speculations of specs and features are surfacing on the internet already. Here’s what you need to know.

Possible Specs

PS6 is surely going to give a boost to its capability to run the latest and most popular games. Considering the gap between the release dates of PS5 and the upcoming PS6, it won’t be wrong to say a lot of new games will establish themselves in the industry.

Hence, PS6 may have these specs and hardware to run the best and most in-demand games.

  • Improved Performance

    There’s no point in releasing an update if the performance of the processing unit has not improved. Hence, the next PlayStation installment may have a CPU with higher capability and better responsive controls.

  • 32 GB RAM

    Sony is more likely to build the next console with 32 GB of RAM. This is because the memory capacities of the last two consoles was 8 GB and 16 GB, so we can expect the next one to have 32 GB of RAM.

  • Better Storage Capacity

    It is highly possible that the PlayStation 6 will have better storage than the PS5’s 1 TB M.2 module. It could be 2 TB, but there’s an issue with the price that most customers are hoping to be on the affordable side.

So, these could be possible specs that PS6 can have. However, there’s a long time to go until the PS6 console release date arrives; maybe there will be more interesting updates.

Possible Features

Now, let’s take a look at the possible features that the PS6 may have:

  • VR Integration

    The way gaming technology is progressing, we can expect the next PlayStation installment to support VR integration. You currently need separate devices to connect with your consoles or desktops to enjoy the virtual reality gaming experience.

    VR gaming

    So, it is highly possible that Sony will add these devices to the console and let you enjoy VR gaming without spending extra on separate devices.

  • 8K Support

    Several people somehow ignored the price of the PS5 because it was appreciated for its impressive 4K gaming support. As the next generation console is about to launch after 8 years, we can at least expect to enjoy the visuals in 8K.

  • Built-in Bluetooth Audio Support

    The PS5 was a disappointment in terms of Bluetooth connectivity features. The reason – you need to plug in a USB dongle receiver to connect the Bluetooth headphones made by Sony itself! Hence, we can at least hope for built-in Bluetooth audio support in PS6.

So, these are the possible specs and features PlayStation 6 may have. However, we can also expect a few more changes to be announced later.

PS6: Price Speculation

As we can expect improved performance and a set of more useful features from PlayStation 6, what would be the amount you’ll be paying considering these updates?

The price of the PlayStation 5 was $499 for the Base model and $399 for the Digital edition. So, you can expect the price of the PlayStation 6 to be around $600. Sony cannot make the next PS less powerful than the previous one (like Microsoft did with the Xbox), so the prices are sure to be higher.

What Gamers Expect From the Upcoming PS6?

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you can have your own expectations for the PS6 after analyzing the good and bad of each PlayStation console. Some of them would be:

  • Better User Interface

    It is not wrong to expect a better UI from the upcoming gaming console by Sony. One of the changes you’d like Sony to make is the updated user interface on the PS6. Its web browser should be better in the navigation aspect when searching for games online and more accessible.

  • Size Reduction

    A huge number of gamers all around the world have complained about the size of the PS5. Take this tweet as an example.

When standing upright, the standard edition PS5 is 15.4 inches tall and weighs 4.5 kg. It also requires a proper shelving unit and creates trouble when you need to shift it.

  • Compatibility With Older Games

    Not only you but every gaming enthusiast is fond of old or classic games they’ve been playing for decades. Hence, the PS6 should be compatible with older PS games – the ones that were launched with PS One!

  • Expandable but Affordable Internal Storage

    There’s no doubt that the internal hard drive is not enough to give you the experience you need. In PS5, it is possible to expand the internal storage, but it requires a lot of effort. In addition, these SSDs are extremely pricey, so leniency with the price is also expected from the makers.

  • In-built Wireless Charging

    The PlayStation 6 may have in-built wireless charging ports. PS5 already had a charging dock for the DualSense controllers, and it worked well. But instead of buying the charging support device separately, PS6 should have an in-built wireless charging capability not only for the controllers but for the wireless headphones as well.

Sony has been making top-notch gaming consoles, but if it considers the above-mentioned improvements and makes changes accordingly, you can surely get the best!

Wrapping Up – Wait or Speculate?

PlayStation 6 launch is still a long way off, even if the speculations about the release date are true, so it is better to wait for some more facts and figures related to the console. Some of the changes are a must, and it only depends on the makers if they take them seriously or not.

Being a global tech giant, we can expect Sony to address the issues in the previous PS releases and give the best to its customers. The launch of the PS6 will surely be exciting and may have some unique updates. So, keep your fingers crossed, as Sony can surprise you with its next launch!


How much is a PS5?

The standard edition of the PS5 is available at $499.99, and the PS5 Digital Edition is available at $399.99.

Will there be a PS6?

Yes, there will be a PS6, but the launch date is not confirmed yet. You can expect it to launch around 2028.

When is the PS7 coming out?

There’s no information regarding the launch of the PS7. But considering the launch pattern of Sony, it may announce the release date of the PS7 around the year 2032 or 2034.

How powerful will the PS6 be?

The PS6 will be the most powerful gaming console so far from Sony and will consist of several advanced features and a fast processor for immersive gaming experiences.

Will the PS6 have a Digital Edition?

As the PlayStation 5 released a Digital Edition, the PlayStation 6 may have one too.

Can I pre-order the PS6?

As there’s no news regarding the launch of PS6, the pre-order option can only be available after the release date.

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