Which Types of Proxies Work Best for Online Shopping Bots?

| Updated on March 27, 2024

If you’re an entrepreneur in the resale market, there’s a good chance that online shopping is your go-to method for storing inventory. Whether you’re just beginning to resell or you’ve been at it a while, you must have a fluid and organized plan. Using the right proxies and bots is half the battle.

​The Greatest Proxies for Online Shopping Bots

Nothing can help or hurt your business more than proxies. Use them the right way, and there’s a good chance that with your initiative, you’ll make money. But pick the wrong ones, and your entrepreneurial endeavor will fall flat.

Here’s an easy breakdown of how the online shopping process works with bots and proxies. Learning how to use them in tandem can make or break your business, and it can also help you understand why some pairings work better than others.

How Proxies and Bots Work Together

When navigating the internet for information, drops, and sales, you need a lot of data quickly. You’ll also want the ability to purchase in record time. Bots are tailored to your specific needs and will perform these tasks automatically.

Nevertheless, bots require help. They need speed and outlets to protect them. This is where proxies come in. A proxy is a middle man that acts as a buffer between you and the resource provider, preventing automatic activity detection. Bots need proxies, or else they’ll be discovered.

Buying in the Fast-paced World of Online Shopping

Shopping online has its fair share of drawbacks. These hurdles are what bots and proxies help you overcome. One highlight is that they circumvent location-based problems. Take the retailer Target, for example. The company may offer a deal, but it’s only available in a certain region. Proxies for Target will put you in this region so you can make your purchase.

Proxies also help gather information for you. Working with bots, they can scrape valuable data from all sorts of websites. Whereas manually doing this store after store will take endless hours, employing this method will provide you with fast results. Your bots can help you find prices, release dates, and more.

And speaking of release dates, proxies are an immense help. Larger releases, especially shoes, are limited. Online retailers will usually only permit one purchase per IP address. This is severely restricting and increases traffic to the site, thus slowing it down and exponentially cutting your chances to buy. You need speed when trying to snag the hottest drops. Bots and proxies will give you this.

Furthermore, they’ll change your IP address so you won’t be limited to only one buy. If you’re looking to get your hands on more than one pair of sneakers, this might be useful. You’ll get the hookup with rapid buys with rotating IP addresses from different locations.

​Why Residential Proxies Are Your Best Bet

There are several different types of proxies out there, but the best all-around choice is a residential proxy. Overwhelmingly, residential proxies are a safer heaven for your online shopping activity versus other means. They’re ISP-issued IP addresses used on real desktop and mobile devices, meaning that your activity will come from a real address, which is not something all proxies provide. Datacenter proxies, for example, don’t do this, and though they’re quite fast, they have a high likelihood of getting you banned.

Residential proxies complement shoe or shopping bots so well because there’s no way to distinguish them from human visitors to a website. Using bots without proxies is an easy way for you to be traced. This leads to bans on your IP address. Proxies give you anonymity. Even if one does get detected, your personal IP address won’t suffer any consequences.

The Wrap-Up

Residential proxies are the best way to go if you want the best partner for your shopping bots. These bots will have a lot more protection with a sound IP address, they’ll be able to bypass geo-restrictions, and they will readily get you the information you need.

To make it in the industry, you have to keep up with the latest trends. Of course, this means merchandise, but it also refers to technology. Without shopping bots and partnering proxies, you’ll get nowhere. Your competition is using them, so to keep pace, you have to as well!

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