How to Organize an Advertising Campaign for International Women’s Day

| Updated on March 22, 2024

International Women’s Day is an occasion to remind potential customers about yourself and your products. Many people buy gifts for the holiday, so they may well take advantage of an interesting offer received by e-mail. The main thing is to properly organize an advertising campaign and present it in such a way that it looks attractive to customers. To do this, you can use some Women’s Day email templates from: But first, decide what products you want to offer customers and who will be the target audience for receiving emails.

How Effective is the Mailing List for International Women’s Day

Practice shows that up to 90% of all men buy gifts for this holiday. Therefore, an advertising campaign dedicated to March 8 can be very effective. After all, most modern buyers prefer to order things in online stores, so as not to waste time visiting real outlets. Therefore, mailing before the holiday will allow you to achieve several goals at once:

  • warm up the target audience;
  • increase the level of sales;
  • present the audience with specific products and services (which are suitable for the holiday).

The biggest benefit of email marketing for International Women’s Day is the ability to increase customer loyalty. Many are pleased to receive congratulations or a personal discount in honor of the holiday. Because of this, the attitude towards the seller is also improving. At the same time, the likelihood that the next time the client will order in the same store increases.

Rules for Preparing Mailings by March 8

If you have already made a newsletter for International Women’s Day, then analyze last year’s results. This step will avoid the mistakes that were made before. You can also choose a specific holiday campaign strategy. For example, for some stores, the CTR option works better. In this case, recipients are invited to click on some elements inside the letter (for example, banners or photos). Others prefer the Open Rate strategy. In this case, the emphasis is on the most opened letters, because statistics show that these options are the most attractive to potential buyers.

Preparing the Database of Addresses for the Holiday Mailing List

Before mass sending promotional emails, it is necessary to clean the recipient database. It is worth removing from it those who have not opened advertising messages for several months. Such people only reduce the overall rate and ruin your reputation (because they reduce the rate of interaction with the mailing list). Divide all other subscribers into three groups:

  • active buyers – such people should be offered an individual discount or other personal bonus;
  • last year’s customers – to bring them back to the site, it is worth reminding them of profitable offers for the holidays, which they have already used before;
  • inactive users – they just subscribed to the mailing list but never made a purchase, so it’s better to attract them with gifts and other bonuses.

The same subscriber mustn’t fall into different categories. Otherwise, it will not be possible to properly organize the mailing list, which will affect the overall results of the campaign.

Composing a Chain of Letters

To get the attention of customers in advance, you need to send them several letters. In this case, the mailing should be started a few weeks before the holiday (the best option is 21 days). Then potential customers will have time to choose a specific gift, compare prices, and other important actions. Here is an example of a chain of letters that can be sent before International Women’s Day.

  • February 25 – a reminder of the upcoming holiday and the announcement of seasonal discounts;
  • February 27 – sending a gift selection guide with segmentation by categories (you can make your own CTA button for each category, then it will be easier to collect statistics on the interests of buyers);
  • March 1 – sending a list of suitable gifts (based on customer responses to the previous letter);
  • March 4 – sending a timer (when the promotion expires) with a detailed description of the way to order on the site;
  • March 7 – an offer to purchase an online certificate (an excellent solution for those who did not have time to order a gift in advance, but want to please their loved ones);
  • March 8 – good wishes to customers in honor of International Women’s Day.

When designing letters, use pleasant floral themes. Also, try not to repeat the offer of discounts: try to make the newsletter consist of a set of unique offers.

What Content to Include in the Newsletter

The main rule for compiling a content plan is to take into account the interests of the target audience. Here are some examples that can grab the attention of customers.

  • Creative ideas. Offer to use the products presented in your catalog for other than their intended purpose. For example, come up with a fun guide that will use building tools to create the perfect romantic evening.
  • Collections of gifts. Try to include in the list such products that will be universal and will suit any recipient without trying on them. It can be, for example, sunglasses, scarves, handbags, and similar things.
  • Survey results. Ask your employees what they would like to receive as a gift, and offer a complete list to customers. There will likely be something suitable for users in the list.

If you do not sell goods, but offer some kind of service (for example, online training), then use a different strategy. Show your recipients how successful your graduates have been and invite them to walk the path to success with your help.

How to Come Up with a Compelling Email Subject Line

It has been proven that the subject of an email directly affects whether the user opens it or not. Therefore, in honor of the holiday, try to come up with something especially original. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

  • Use emojis. Add holiday-related emoticons (but only if this approach suits your corporate style).
  • Don’t use too many words. This is important because most customers view email from a mobile phone, which only displays about 30 subject characters.

Important! The theme should be original, but don’t make it too fancy. After all, if the user does not understand your humor or the analogy, he simply will not open the letter.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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