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| Updated on May 30, 2024 |
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In the realm of adult content platforms, the battle to stay ahead of your competitors has become never-ending. Continuously searching for new ideas and concepts to entertain your subscribers and make money on OnlyFans is the real deal. One such is collaborating with your co-actors to acquire a double fan following. 

Eventually, while teaming up, protecting your content and legal rights with the OnlyFans release form signed is a must. In that regard, this article will decode the significance of the form to protect your legal rights. 

Understanding the OnlyFans Model Release Form

The OnlyFans release form is a legal document that is signed to agree with the platform’s built-in terms, privacy policy, and legal liabilities. This form intends to protect the creator’s and models’ legal rights. 

The declaration indicates that you have undergone all the important information checks and granted legal consent to post content featuring other models. In general, the model consent form is required to bypass two conditions: 

  • If the collaborator is still to get verified on OnlyFans, you are required to get the model release form signed, submit it for review, and wait until the feedback.
  • If the collaborator has a verified account, consider tagging them in the post, and the platform will verify their age and identity automatically. 

So if you are planning to collaborate on selling feet pics on OnlyFans or adult content for business or individual purposes, consider granting permission through the form to proceed without interruptions.

How to Fill Out OnlyFans Release Form?

Release forms aren’t something that you should be worried about. Like any other document, this also requires some information that aligns with the platform verification requirement.

Check out the steps and get your co-stars verified for an exciting collaboration: 

  • Launch OnlyFans and log in with your correct credentials. 
  • On the left side, click on More
    On the left click on More
  • Select Release Forms from the list of options. 
    Select Release forms
  • On the right, you will see two options: Create New Release Link and Add Signed Release Form.
    On the right you will see two options
  • For better clarity, have a look at both processes and choose according to your convenience. 
  • Tap on CREATE NEW RELEASE LINK option to proceed further. 
    Tap on the Create New Release link
  • Add the names of the co-stars, and other team members (photographers, videographers) in the box. 
    Add the names of the members
  • Next, tap on the Save Release Form link to generate the shareable link. 
    Tap on the save release form link
  • Copy the link and share it with the collaborators. 
    Copy the link and share it
  • When the other person opens the link, they will be asked to fill in some information, including an ID Photo of both sides and a selfie holding the ID card
  • After entering all the information correctly, the person needs to tap on Submit from their end and the form will be delivered directly to the OnlyFans team.

Add Signed Release Form

  • By clicking on the Add Signed Release Form, you will be provided an OnlyFans release form PDF.
    OnlyFans release form PDF
  • Send the PDF to your co-star or hand over it in printed form. 
  • Ask them to fill in the information as mentioned. 
  • When completed, scan the form from both sides and upload it along with a both-sided ID card photo and a selfie with the same ID card used in the form. 
  • Upload all the documents and click on the Submit


After submitting the model release form, the verification process may take 3–7 days for a complete review.

Why Do You Need a Model Release form for OnlyFans?

Adult content creators are required to adhere to a few norms and policies to ensure their identity remains intact. This is why OnlyFans has created the model release form to make the creators follow certain rules and regulations. 


Solo creators are not required to sign the model consent form to post explicit content.

Have a look at why OnlyFans is lenient towards this form and what its requirements are.

  • While collaborating, to protect your model rights and your profile, you need to fill out this form. 
  • The model consent form verifies the co-actors age (18+) and their consent to be included in your content.
  • Even though the crew members, including the photographer, spot boys, or more, should have filled out the form to ensure your safety. 
  • The content should comply with the 2257 record-keeping laws. 
  • OnlyFans protects against misuse of your content.

Besides this consent form, the platform solely monitors and verifies the model’s age and identity to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. 

What are the Consequential Effects Of Collaborating Without a Model Release Form?

Being one of the popular platforms that distributes explicit content, OnlyFans has some strict rules that pertain to verification. As this policy has been implemented from 2023 onwards, posting any content featuring an unverified OnlyFans model will get flagged off and marked as inappropriate.  

Let us understand this situation with the help of an example. Imagine that you are an OnlyFans model and have collaborated on a fun video with one of your unverified co-actors without submitting the model release form. Now, the moment you make the content live, OnlyFans will monitor the details and immediately mark down your content due to a violation of content policy. 

Furthermore, you will be notified of the reason and suggested solutions via email. The email mainly includes a link that redirects you to fill out the consent form to restore the content on your timeline. In that regard, you will be given 48 hours to respond. If you fail, the content will be terminated permanently.


The OnlyFans release form is crucial to verify the co-star’s legal age and consent for creator and platform security reasons. Remember that, the platform will flag off content featuring unverified models without the consent form and will be given a deadline of 2 days for the verification process. 

Regardless of whether you are collaborating with your better half or a fellow actor, submit the consent form and spice up your OnlyFans feed with exclusive content.


Does an OnlyFans model release form expire?

There is no such expiration date for the release form. Once consent is granted, it will be applicable for future events.

Can I reuse a release form with the same model?

Yes, you will not be required to fill out the form again in the future to collaborate with the same model.

Does OnlyFans verify models?

OnlyFans requires a valid identity card to ensure that the model is 18+ and then verifies the creators on the platform.

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