Top Mobile Apps to Assist You in College

| Updated on February 14, 2024

I still remember how difficult it was to survive in college when I was new. Do you remember spending several hours in the library trying to find the necessary information for your paper? Or how you asked your friends to do your math hw? Now when you have the Internet, you no longer need to waste much time on the tasks that can be handled quickly. Also, there are several apps that can help you improve your college grades. For example, when you send a request «I need someone to doing my paper for me» to a writing agency, you get a paper delivered within the shortest time frame. With digital technology, students can facilitate their education with the use of the latest tech advancements like online platforms and mobile apps that help to make the educational process more effective.

Must-Have Apps for Every College Student

Using your smartphone to improve your grades and understand complex topics makes education not so boring. Moreover, it makes it interesting and motivates students to achieve great results. In our list, we not only have educational but also really helpful apps that will make your on campus life much easier. 

Check out some educational apps that can help students feel better in college

  1. Evernote
  2. This is one of the most relevant apps for college students for one main reason i.e. students write a lot,. They make notes most of the time whether they are partying or cooking. Digital notes are very convenient as you can keep them handy and get a great idea any time.

  3. Mint
  4. This software is perfect for those young people who need to learn how to manage their financial life. With the help of this app you can have control over your banking accounts, make payments on time and track how much money you spend and for what.

  5. Grammarly
  6. This app is well-known but doesn’t get much importance because many students think they know English grammar perfectly. To make sure you have great essays with no typos and grammar mistakes, use the free version of this app anytime you write a paper;

  7. My Study Life
  8. What is the best student planner app? Probably, this is it. The platform helps you create your schedule, add classes, meetings, exams, and essay deadlines. Besides, it offers an option to sync all the data across all your gadgets (laptops, smartphones, and tablets). One of the biggest benefits is the ability to work offline in case you lose access to Wi-Fi.

  9. XMIND
  10. This software is the leader when it comes to mind mapping, planning, researching, and brainstorming. You can work with your group mates on one project, synchronize and share files, think on ideas, and manage pieces of information. The app is a must-have for those students who work on different projects at the same time and need some organization;

  11. Scanner Pro
  12. With the help of this app, you can transform your smartphone into a portable scanner. There is no need to use the library anymore; you can just scan the pages you need and prepare for your test or exam in a more comfortable atmosphere. You will get images in high resolution, and you can upload them to cloud storage or sync it with the Evernote app;

  13. Wolfram Alpha
  14. This app literally has answers to any question. Just open the app, type in the question (for example, Math task) and receive an answer and its explanation. If you are majoring in science, this will be a valuable tool, although you can use it for other disciplines as well.

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