Mercedes to Launch EQ EV Range

| Updated on March 21, 2024

Experts predict that by 2035, around 40% of all road vehicles will be electric. The market is growing rapidly as companies like Tesla, Ford, and now Mercedes continue to make innovative contributions to the growing electric car industry. The Mercedes EQ was announced at Emirates Motor Company Showcase 2022 and it looks set to establish the luxury car brand as a leader in the EV sector.

What is the EQ Range?

The EQ range will be the newest line of electric cars from Mercedes. The main selling point of this line of electric vehicles is the new all-electric mobility feature, which means that the car will produce zero local emissions. Mercedes has been marketing this new EQ range as “luxury coupled to contribute to a sustainable environment”. The EQ range has been described by Mercedes as dynamic, almost completely silent, and local emission-free.

One of the best innovations in electric vehicle design is the fact that their engines are less likely to have mechanical and technical issues due to the simple design of the batteries. However, this doesn’t mean they are infallible, so whatever you drive you should always be prepared for a mechanical failure that occurs when a part, or parts, malfunction. Always keep a tow rope in your car and have the number of towing services on your phone just in case.

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Pricing and Release Date

Mercedes is a company that has become synonymous with class and elegance, and its cars are priced to reflect this. This does not seem to be changing with the EQ range, as Mercedes aims to bring a luxury electric vehicle to the market to compete with Tesla. What customers get from these purchases is an assurance of quality. These cars are built to last a lifetime, and there is a reasonable chance that drivers will never experience technical or mechanical difficulties after purchasing an EQ. It is predicted that a standard EQ model will cost between $55 000 – $59 000 with the personalized AMG packages potentially costing $10 000 – $20 000 more. Mercedes has also hinted that the cars can be customized in new ways, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Experts predict the release of the EQ range to be at the end of 2022 and with just a few short months to go, Tesla and other EV manufacturers are surely keeping a close eye on the competition.

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