10 Best Auto Clickers in the Market

| Updated on February 28, 2024

If you’re looking for reliable and the best auto clickers in the market we have got your back. 

Auto Clicker, as the name clearly suggests, is a program designed to simulate clicks in games, allowing players to effortlessly aim and complete levels rather than frantically hitting the click button. In other words, the software tool performs automatic clicks.

A user can easily program an auto-clicker to handle repetitive keyboard or mouse actions, saving you the time and energy you would have spent manually doing it. 

Why is an Auto Clicker Important?

One of the most basic reasons for using Auto Clicker software is that users can use it to complete time-consuming, repetitive, tedious, and tiring tasks. It not only saves time, but it also saves energy. Furthermore, there are a number of Android games that necessitate rapid screen tapping. Similarly, such components of an automated computer program can assist gamers in avoiding the agony of tapping.

Furthermore, Auto Clickers for Android are more precise than human fingers. If you’re tired of clicking the mouse a thousand times while performing routine and laborious tasks, auto clicker tools can help.

Top 10 Auto Clickers in the Market

In this post, I will share a list of the top ten Auto Clicker tools that you can use to improve your game score.

OP Auto Clicker

OP Auto Clicker is popular software that has a simple interface and is free to use. The software has an intuitive interface that is simple to set up. The auto clicker provides users with two options: Choose a pre-configured location in the software’s memory or auto-click at the exact location where you place the mouse cursor.

Users can choose whether to limit the number of clicks made by OP Auto Clicker or to allow the tool to make an infinite number of clicks. You can even specify the time interval and mouse button to be used (either right or left). 

OP Auto Clicker is a simple tool that can be used by both novice and experienced users. Programmers, gamers, software testers, etc. can use it to complete tasks more quickly and with less effort. 

Free Auto Clicker 

Free Auto Clicker is a full-featured mouse macro system that is easy to use. The advanced auto clicker can be configured to right-click and drag, click and drag, and perform other actions of the mouse actions in addition to simply clicking the mouse in one location for as long as you want.

You can set it to click on as many user-definable areas of your screen as you want. The auto clicker can automate virtually any repetitive task involving computer screen clicking. 

You can also create and save Mouse Clicking Macros to a file so that you don’t have to recreate the same settings every time you use the auto clicker. The powerful and advanced auto clicker can click up to 100 times per second!

Automatic Clicker

Automatic Clicker is one of the market’s oldest and most effective screen-tapping applications. It is ideal for gamers who require precise, fast, and repetitive taps. The app allows users to set a specific location on the screen to tap at predefined intervals without requiring root access to a phone.

With the free software, full-screen applications run smoothly. Gamers can use Automatic Clicker to keep the game running while they are inactive. Set up auto taps and then sit back and relax while the automation does the rest. One of the features of the program is the ability to simulate single and double taps.


Another auto tapper that does not require root access is AutoInput. The app enables users to automate multiple functions without ever touching the screen after launching the clicker. The clicker can be controlled by gestures or programmable buttons.

The program functions as a Tasker plugin. Users can access this feature by going to Settings > Accessibility Option. After that, launch the app to activate the full version of AutoInput.


Auto clicker is a robust mouse clicker designed to automate mouse clicks. This software is used by gamers to mimic clicks to improve their scores while playing click-intensive games like Minecraft, shooting games, etc.

The tool was designed specifically to help players have a better gaming experience by speeding up clicks above and beyond the normal rate. 

GS Auto Clicker

Golden Soft’s GS Auto Clicker is yet another simple automatic clicking tool. They’ve included an easy-to-use hotkey trigger that will make gamers’ lives much easier. There aren’t many configuration options; just press the selected Hotkey, and the auto-clicking process will begin immediately.

For those who do not want to deal with a lot of configuration, the GS Clicker is the best auto clicker that is free to use.

Auto Mouse Click

Auto Mouse Click is another reliable auto clicker available out there in the market. However, it provides various customization options you’ll need to get any number of clicks in a defined time interval.

The user interface is simple. First of all, you need to select the coordinates for the automated clicks. Then configure the left or right-click. Now, in milliseconds, select the time between two clicks. At last, you need to just click on the Add button to complete the setup. 


PTFB Pro is amongst the best auto clickers for keeping users’ workflows running smoothly without any interruptions during the process. To increase productivity, the auto clicker eliminates window annoyances and automates workflow processes.

PTFB Pro is more than just a simple auto clicker. It includes powerful features such as a macro recorder, software automation, a small footprint, and automated software testing that you would not expect to find in an auto clicker.


Tapping is one of the most recent additions to our list of the best Auto Clicker for Android. The app is available in two versions: the basic version is free, and the pro edition costs a small fee to unlock additional features. Surprisingly, the basic edition is more than adequate for simple clicking tasks in games.

The app is a dream come true for gamers. It is ideal for gamers who require quick and accurate taps. It includes a movable control panel that users can position on the screen.

Perfect Automation

Perfect Automation is perhaps the most complete auto clicker program, with several advanced features such as a mouse and keyboard recorder, script editor, scheduler, and so on. 

Perfect Automation is only recommended for those who require advanced tools for complete computer automation, including serious gamers!


The 10 ten best auto clickers are listed above. Our feature list includes both programs that require and do not require root access. Most applications provide a free trial version, allowing users to decide between paying for the advanced paid editions. There are some other apps available online that perform the same function, but we have only listed the top 10.

Janvi Panthri

Senior Writer, Editor

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