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    | Updated on March 16, 2023

    Dubai is known for its luxury and comfortable lifestyle. Luxurious sports car renting services is very common practice in Dubai. Tourists from different countries visit Dubai for an adventurous experience of driving the costliest cars at a great deal. This article is stuffed with the details one should know before renting a car in Dubai.

    Renting a Luxury Car in Dubai

    While traveling internationally, it’s always good to rent a car or anything rather than exploring the city in public transport or taxis. Tourists might think that renting facilities in Dubai will be an expensive option, but this is a myth. To break this myth, renting a luxurious or desirable any sort of car in Dubai is more affordable than one can think. Travelers can encounter numerous options to find a Lamborghini rental in Dubai, under different categories like sports cars, SUVs, and many more.

    Choosing the Right Company

    Although Dubai is a hub for services like car renting, despite this fact, it could be challenging for tourists to choose the best option for them because the experience of driving a luxurious car would be relished forever. But tourists need to keep a few things in consideration before renting their favorite cars in Dubai, such as 

    • Reputation
    • Pricing
    • Pick-up and drop-off location
    • Flight pick-up
    • Insurance


    There are various companies available in Dubai that provide car renting services, such as Paramount, eZhire, Diamond Lease, Budget Car Rental, Fast Car Rental, etc. Tourists are guided to research a bit about the company details, services, brand reputation, customer reviews, etc. He/She must be able to differentiate between organic and fake reviews, as some companies adopt reviews strategy to attract tourists.


    Once the tourists are done with choosing the right company for themselves, the next step should involve a check on the pricing. Prices may differ on the bases of the services offered or might be based on the brand’s reputation. If the tourists are going to hire a luxury car like Lamborghini, Ferrari BMW, Rolls-Royce, , Mercedes, etc., the prices could be high.

    Pick-up and Drop-off Locations

    It plays a vital role when renting a company. Tourists are suggested to go ahead with the company securing a maximum number of pick-ups and drop-off locations. However, any misunderstanding or problems can be resolved by reaching their nearest branch. 

    Flight Pick-up

    While renting a car in Dubai, see if a company chosen by tourists provides a facility for flight pick-up. A driver will hand over the car at the airport, which might be convenient. But keep in mind, the companies have a right to charge extra for this service from tourists at the worth price.   


    Choosing an insured car for rent is suggested to tourists to avoid any sort of tragedy or blunder and, of course, to save money. Renting a car in Dubai is quite an easy task, but renting an insured car is not an easy task. Tourists can request an insurance certificate for the car they are renting.

    Things One Needs to Rent a Car in Dubai

    There are a few things or requirements to keep in handy before renting a car in Dubai. Those are Passport/Emirate ID and Driving License. If tourists are traveling, they must have their passports, but if they are willing to rent a car, then they must have a driving license because, without a driving license, they are not permitted to drive cars in Dubai or any of the countries. 

    One should be a Resident or Visitor

    One of the basic and major requirements to rent a car in Dubai is having a valid passport or Emirates ID. A valid passport indicates that a person is a resident of the UAE or a visitor from another country. Although, tourists can use their visas or flight tickets in order to book a car from outside the country. But in case an individual is a resident, then they can directly visit companies to rent a car in Dubai.

    Valid Driving License

    As mentioned, having a license to drive their preferred rented car is necessary. Not only this, but if anyone is visiting Dubai from another country, then their license should be international. Long story short, the license should be valid in the UAE. Then, only tourists are allowed to drive a car on the roads of Dubai. Tourists can also hire a driver for themselves if they don’t have an international license for themselves. 

    Things to Avoid When Renting a Luxury Car in Dubai

    Facing financial damage when renting a luxury car in Dubai is quite often. That is because tourists usually ignore some important details during the renting process. Those important details could be anything like inspecting the company, terms and conditions, inspecting reviews, and many more. Keeping those matters in mind, tourists can continue studying to prevent themselves and avoid encountering trouble. Here is a guide to avoid when renting a luxury car in Dubai are: 

    • Never read the policy.
    • Never buy the insurance
    • Never inspect the vehicle
    • Never hire a driver 

    Let’s learn these points in detail.

    Never Read the Policy

    While doing documentation, tourists are guided to read those documents thoroughly to avoid any misunderstanding between the company and the renter. Each company has its own policies, responsibilities for the company and the renter, and all the terms to use their services are noted in the policy. Ignoring policies can direct tourists into trouble. Hence, they can lead to bear hidden charges or might face financial struggles. So always read the policy first before making a payment and signing the documents  

    Never Buy the Insurance

    Tourists don’t take renting an insured car into consideration, which ultimately paved the way for them that involves financial risks or damages. Renting an insured car can lead them to protect themselves from situations like theft, fire, or an accident. Otherwise, in such cases, they would be responsible for bearing the loss of the company. Remember, repairing a luxury car is way more expensive than a regular one. So avoid renting uninsured cars to safeguard themselves by paying heavy amounts due to any sort of mishappening. 

    Never Inspect the Vehicle

    While renting a car, tourists are advised to spend some time inspecting the car before driving. Minor ignorance can lead tourists into trouble. There are so many known and unknown renting companies in Dubai. Some of them are genuine, while some of them could be frauds. Spending some time can protect them from undergoing fraud. They begin conspiracies to get tourists into a trap. So always make sure to check the car inside out and see if a car doesn’t have dents, scratches, functionality issues, and many more.   

    Never Hire a Driver

    Hiring a driver can be convenient. Tourists can enjoy rides and the comfort of luxury cars. Also, some tourists might be unaware of How to drive those luxury and sports cars. In that case, they should hire drivers to worry less about driving a car or having a license. Most companies have skilled drivers who are responsible for driving cars for renters. So that tourists can enjoy rides and gain wonderful experiences.

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