• Everything You Need to Know About the Features and Construction of Sustainable Homes

    | Updated on March 10, 2023

    One of the most important phenomena in the real estate sector to reduce the impact on the environment and the effects of climate change are sustainable housing. These are homes that have ecological materials that use recyclable systems and are supplied with clean energy without the frequent need for rubbish clearance in London.

    Moreover, this type of housing facilitates the most respectful way of living with the environment, which translates into a reduction of the ecological footprint.

    Key Features

    For us to talk about durable homes as such, durable materials must be used for their construction. In addition, it must be able to generate its energy and be able to use its resources. One of the key features in terms of sustainable energy is the use of solar and pre-generators. With solar panels, you can use energy from the sun. Another aspect of sustainable homes is the reuse of rainwater. Generators capable of conserving wind energy can also be installed.

    However, not everything is so beautiful. Stable rates have some problems. Perhaps most important is the price of the materials. And is that this price is much more expensive than traditional materials. Even so, the cost does not always have to be higher. Some architects and designers have managed to recycle materials so that the costs do not become too high. Moreover, it should also be taken into account that sustainable houses start to save on supply costs by principle compared to traditional houses. This is, in the long run, a huge saving both economically and in terms of environmental impact.

    Factors to Build Sustainable Homes

    We must first provide a set of initial factors to see what demands and needs are needed to build sustainable homes along with enhancing them with the trends. The most recommended would be the following:

    • Prepare a budget that is in line with the type of home you want to build.
    • Consider the orientation of the house so that it fits with a drop in energy cost.
    • Energy efficiency is essential when building this type of housing. It is also important to include the use of renewable resources.
    • Building and use of materials must be ecological.
    • Water must be managed intelligently. That is, most of it can be collected by the one who comes through the rain.
    • The most important thing of all is, perhaps, that it is financially profitable.

    In a stable home, it is essential to get comfort in both ventilation and air conditioning. You can achieve comfortable lighting conditions without using a lot of consumables and achieve the best level of sound insulation. Despite all the points discussed, the economic aspect is paramount. This is where good architectural and design management comes into play so that the price does not skyrocket too much. In addition, it is interesting that the design of the house is quite attractive.

    For sustainable housing to be attractive to the general public, the price factor is very important. The customer knows that he will repay the investment within a certain number of years, so he will be able to afford higher construction costs. It should reflect the amount of electricity and water bills that will be saved over time.

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    Sustainable households need environmentally friendly and recyclable resources. If expensive and difficult materials are required to ensure that the family is considered environmentally friendly, then an understanding of the practice cannot be achieved.

    The Energy Efficiency of Sustainable Homes

    This is why a sustainable home should count on its energy efficiency and cost savings on supply and construction throughout its useful life. Since the first building materials have been obtained, the house can have many years of useful life and maintenance until it is reused. In addition to all this, it is essential to enjoy a sustainable home according to its architecture.

    The key to sustainable home maintenance is the rule of three Rs of sustainability: downsizing, recycling, and reuse. Resource services and technological efficiency need to be maximized.

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    It is not just about solar panels or harvesting rainwater for household products. It is recommended to use the wind to dry the clothes instead of using the dryer, it is recommended to take into account the light time and not to spend too much. Some greenhouse owners use their gardens to have a biological garden and contribute to respecting the land. Because the lifestyle of green homeowners is very important to protect the environment.

    The Most Used Models

    Blooming Bamboo

    H&P, a Vietnamese architectural firm, built a stable house to sell to the poor. The design is reminiscent of plants in the surrounding environment, so the position in the stalls is very high. The purpose of the design is to withstand flooding up to 1.5 meters.

    Blooming bamboo covers an area of ​​44 cubic meters and is built with locally sourced materials such as bamboo, fibreboard, and coconut leaves, so its construction is simple and easy, and can also be used economically by the most vulnerable people.

    Autumn House

    Fougeron architecture studios have designed and built a home that ensures you can have a fully sustainable life. It has a copper façade that provides sea air for natural cooling and its arrangement provides perfect fire protection. One of the best amenities of this house is its energy-efficient windows. They have a unique design that allows them to stimulate natural ventilation when they are open. Another of its features is the automatic opening of the entrance. This will help you reduce the need for air conditioning. Lastly, the house has a water recycling system that makes it completely self-sufficient.

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