Top 6 Home Improvement Trends in 2023

| Updated on March 26, 2024

The home improvement industry looks positive for 2023 despite inflation, labor shortages, and many other obstacles. People are adapting to work-from-home lifestyles by making modifications to accommodate their needs. Aside from changing layout trends, homeowners are also changing the design and remodeling process as a little repair can make a huge difference while also saving money. Following are the top 5 home improvement trends for 2023.

The trend of replacing old tile flooring will continue in 2023; if you’re thinking about what home improvement projects to tackle in 2023, consider those that will add value to your house. According to, homeowners with hardwood floors received a 70-80% ROI compared to those with other types of flooring, according to

The popularity of medium brown hues and driftwood finishes was hugely popular in 2021. In 2023, flooring fashions are expected to follow a similar pattern, with these among the most popular:

  • Smoked wood flooring
  • Bleached woods
  • Weathered wood
  • Herringbone patterned flooring
  • Reclaimed barn wood tiles
  • Natural wood colors

Home Office

A pandemic has taught us that having a hidden, private room within your house is a luxury, and having a quiet place to work is necessary. This trend is expected to continue as work-from-home orders rise. 

Just move some furniture around, clear off a table, and have a workstation in your home. You can create an office in your kitchen, patio, or closet using creative thinking and a minor home modification to create a unique home.

Spa At Home

Comfort and luxury are no longer considered foolish or insignificant investments. A spa-like experience at home will be popular in 2023 among homeowners seeking escapism. Bathroom remodels are the focus of this project, which enlists the assistance of both designers and plumbers. Bathrooms are becoming open and airy with rain shower faucets, soaker tubs, and steam rooms.

Bathroom Bonanza

As per KBB, a national kitchen and bath industry association, bathrooms were the most popular renovation target in 2021. Her business reflects that, especially regarding adding comfort and convenience to bathrooms.

Almost every age group can enjoy today’s spa-like bathrooms. They install heated floors inside the shower, heated towel bars, freestanding tubs, steam showers, curbless showers, and bidet toilet seats. Meditation, relaxation, and personal hygiene are all critical.

Upgrades that are eco-conscious and Green

Many homeowners are making environmentally friendly improvements to their homes to reduce their carbon footprint and make them more sustainable. This remodeling trend reduces electricity expenditures by replacing basic fixtures with installing solar power while simultaneously increasing the home’s resale value.

Yard and Lot Improvements

Outside attachments such as porches, decks, patios, or terraces cost the average homeowner $8,408. In this type of home improvement project, the uptrend is driven by the desire to spend more time outdoors.

In the future, home renovations will continue to increase with a focus on the outdoors, creating a seamless living space that brings the indoors outside. A seamless connection with nature will be achieved using natural elements such as wood, rattan, and hemp paired with potted plants.

Homeowners are also considering ADUs as a significant change. An ADU is a self-contained unit built on the same property as the primary residence. Building structures between 500 and 800 square feet is possible, but they can also reach 1,000 square feet.

ADUs are popular among homeowners for various reasons, including returning grown children, renters seeking affordable housing, and older parents hoping to live privately with their children.

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