Innovating with Blockchain Game Development: How to Create an Indie Game

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Blockchain technology is gaining momentum in the gaming industry. It enables developers to create their games and sell them with an in-game economy. 

Blockchain game development has the potential to change the way games are made and consumed by providing a decentralized platform that is free from third-party interference while still retaining all the benefits of traditional platforms. This article explores how blockchain can be used to create a game that can be monetized while also providing players with a unique experience.

Technological advancements have opened doors to an entirely new world of possibilities in recent years. Blockchain is one branch that has proved to be a revolutionary development in the tech world. A blockchain game development firm is a company that uses its expertise to create games on the blockchain platform.

What is Blockchain Game Development?

Blockchain technology is a digital ledger that records transactions between parties. It is decentralized and public, which means everyone has access to the same information on the blockchain. Blockchain game development uses the blockchain to create a fully decentralized game in which players are not required to trust each other.

The blockchain game development process involves developing games that use smart contracts and building an ecosystem of these games.

In this industry, developers have an opportunity to create their own tokenized economies and offer unique gaming experiences for users. The future of this industry is uncertain, but it’s worth looking into because it could revolutionize how we play video games.

How Blockchain Technology is Disrupting the Gaming Industry

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary innovation that can change how we do business and interact with each other. Blockchain game development firms are the latest trend in this industry.

Crypto-gaming is a new way of doing business where games are offered for cryptocurrency rather than fiat money. Games can be bought, sold, and traded on crypto exchanges such as BitGuild and ForkDelta. This allows gamers to pay cryptocurrency for all their gaming needs without transaction fees.

Blockchain technology offers developers a secure and transparent platform to create games that can be easily modified by players and distributed across different platforms. The blockchain also provides an immutable record of all transactions, making it easier for developers to track player activity and provide real-time analytics about how players use their game. 

The blockchain will enable developers who want to create a new game to embed a smart contract that controls the distribution of in-game assets and payments. This can be done through a decentralized application or DApp deployed on the Ethereum network.

5 Ways Blockchain Gaming Can Benefit Your Business

Blockchain gaming is a new way to generate revenue by hosting games on a blockchain. The potential for this type of game is enormous.

The five ways that blockchain gaming can benefit your business are:

  1. A platform for monetizing your game – Blockchain games allow you to create a platform that generates income from players who play it.
  2. A way to get feedback from players – These games can provide real-time feedback, enabling you to make changes and adapt quickly.
  3. An opportunity for cross-promotion – This game allows you to connect with other companies and brands in the industry and offer them opportunities to promote their products or services through your game.
  4. A way of getting funding – It can be funded through ICOs ( Initial Coin Offerings), allowing you to raise money for your game.
  5. An opportunity for players to compete – It can offer competitive matchmaking that allows players to compete against each other and win rewards.

Blockchain Games and AI Future Together? Could it work?

Blockchain gaming is becoming more popular with the rise of blockchain technology. The blockchain is a transparent and decentralized ledger that can be used for storing information, assets, and transactions.

AI assistance software is also getting popular in the context of blockchain gaming. They can help players by offering them new ways to play and interact with their games.

Some people are skeptical about whether AI software should be used in games because it might take away from the player’s experience or immersion. But some people think that AI assistance software can make the game more fun for players by changing how they play it.

5 Ways You Can Create in NFT Marketplace Development

NFT is a new type of digital asset that is not issued by any central authority. This means there is no need for the issuer to issue and redeem tokens to provide liquidity.

As an investor, you can now buy and sell digital assets on the blockchain with NFTs. As a developer, you can create digital assets and sell them on the marketplace. Look at the 5 ways to create a new digital asset in the brand new NFT marketplace development process;

  1. Create your token: The most straightforward way to create your token is to use an existing template such as ERC20 or ERC721 
  2. Use an existing template: You can also use an existing template, such as ERC20 or ERC721, if you want your token to be compatible with existing software.
  3. Design your template: If you have specific needs that an existing template doesn’t meet, you can design your token framework and implement it on the Ethereum blockchain.
  4. Use pre-existing NFT assets: One of the many pre-existing digital assets available in the blockchain can also be used.

Use an NFT assets library: You can also design your assets, but keep in mind that you’ll need to provide the code to trade your token with others.

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