• Is Telegram Good for Marketing and What Opportunities Does It Provide?

    | Updated on January 9, 2023

    Telegram is one of the most popular instant messengers in the world, ranking first in the AppStore in the list of the most downloaded applications. In 2021, its audience reached 400 million active users. At least 1.5 million people register in the messenger every day. Such a huge audience reach makes the messenger extremely attractive for business.

    Read in this article why is Telegram good for marketing and how you can use its benefits.

    Main Features of Telegram Messenger

    Is Telegram Good for Marketing

    If you are now thinking about the question “What are the features of the messenger and is Telegram good for marketing?”, pay attention to its following characteristics:

    • The possibility to create chats with a large number of participants (200 thousand people). Moreover, secret chats are available, the entrance to which is protected by a password and is possible only for invited participants;
    • Storing information in the cloud without a time limit. It is easy to export or open important files and correspondence on another device;
    • Instant message delivery. According to telega.io, this feature is especially useful when you need to send out urgent notifications and news;
    • The ability to transfer files of any format and size;
    • Lack of a standard news feed showing posts by popularity;
    • Lack of classic grading and commenting on content. The account owner decides whether to include reactions and comments or to allow only reposting;
    • Increased level of security;
    • Synchronization between different devices. You can use one Telegram account on several devices (both mobile and desktop).

    Why Telegram is Good for Marketing and Business Promotion?

    Telegram is good for marketing because Telegram channels satisfy the user’s need for microblogging. The specialists of the website telega.io mention that marketers take advantage of this opportunity. Not every company can run its own full-fledged blog on a separate platform: sometimes there is not enough content, sometimes its subject matter does not fit well with blogging, sometimes a blog is inappropriate for other reasons.

    Telegram channels have become a solution for such a business. They do not yet have their own specifics: you can publish anything here. Own news, curious incidents from the life of the company in a couple of lines, a description of the production process, a selection of news on the original topic, excerpts from expert interviews – any information in any genre are appropriate.

    The problem of selecting images, which creates a lot of trouble for bloggers, disappears in Telegram: text messages are common here. In addition, Telegram channels do not need moderation, and users are not offended by the inability to leave comments, because it is not available initially.

    Telega.io indicates that some people use Telegram for marketing in order to benefit from telegram bots. They allow tracking the dynamics of the audience and views, make it possible to analyze audience preferences both directly (using polls) and hidden (using statistics), and solve many other problems.

    So, now you know whether is Telegram good for marketing. Use it to achieve your business goals and get benefits already today!

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