Is the First Streaming Intimidating?

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Don’t Worry, Get Ready with Allcreate!

Many people feel intimidated to be in front of a camera during the first stream. It’s common to not know where to start or what to say. You’re nursing the fear of sounding foolish or producing content that’s unacceptable to viewers.

However, streaming is one of the best ways to grow your market and build an online community on social media. This method gives you more engagement, likes, comments, and shares on your page, as followers are able to see and know you better as a person. 

Do you want to stream online, but are scared of the public or how to conduct yourself? Or do you have a phobia of being on the screen? Read on as we discuss some of the fears you might be having and various actionable steps to streaming outstanding shows on Allcreate. That will guide you on how to overcome those fears and become skilled in making streams. 

Is Streaming Worth It?

Streaming helps your personal or company brand to grow and gives more clarity about your products or services. For most people, perceiving visual content is much easier than reading plain text. Also, you’ll cover a larger audience and build a community when you go live. Here are some benefits of streaming live videos on Allcreate

It’s Convenient

You can stream from the comfort of your own home with a phone, camera, or computer. You don’t need a paid venue or gadget uniquely for streaming. It can be done anywhere if you have a smartphone or laptop. To a large extent, streaming is free and can get across to thousands of people with a click. 


Streaming Optimizes Time

You can make a powerful streaming video in less than 10 minutes and still convey a comprehensive message. A 750 words content can be presented in 5-10 minutes max. 

It Builds Trust

People believe what they see, rather than some random audio or text talks about. Streaming creates a connection between you and your audience, and to most people, you’ll earn their trust. Also, your audience will believe your product or service to be genuine, and you’ll gain their loyalty. 

Streaming Can Make You More Money

Marketing your business online through streams will make your product authentic and trustworthy. Again, it’s an avenue to reach out to new people and convert them into paying customers. If you’re an online coach, be excellent at what you do, especially during your free sessions. At some point, you can monetize your sessions, and a good number of trusting audiences will pay to get more value. 

4 Common Fears That Affect Your Streaming

Diver’s fears can prevent you from going live, and you may lose a unique opportunity to create your faithful community and plunge into the world of additional income.

Fear 1: Standing in Front of A Camera

This is one of the most common fears of those who have never practiced being in front of a camera. The feeling of awkwardness and inferiority complex can make you develop severe anxiety about streaming. You’re afraid you might stutter words or run out of what to say to people. 

Fear 2: Malfunction of Tech Gadgets During the Stream

Thoughts of your gadgets malfunctioning while streaming can create fear inside you, which can hold you back from going live. When you keep on saying, “what if my camera goes off while streaming” or “what if my phone or laptop begins to malfunction”, you’ll never give it a try. Your fears will always stand as an opposition to your breakthrough. 

Fear 3: Committing a Blunder 

Most people are afraid of making a mistake while streaming, and this can also be you. You feel you’re not a professional yet or are way too imperfect to go live. Also, you might be afraid of committing grammatical blunders while speaking. That can discourage you from streaming live. 

Fear 4: Others are Better Than Me

You’ll never want to try when you compare yourself with professionals who stream live. You forget that “the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step.” You’ll never try if you allow yourself to get drowned with thoughts that you cannot measure up to professionals. But they also started and practiced at some point in their lives.

8 Ways to Overcome Fears of Streaming

Streaming gives you more followers and drives traffic to your page, mainly if you deliver remarkable and inspiring content. Furthermore, if you’re afraid of streaming life videos as a business owner, a public persona, or a streamer, follow these tips to help you thrash that fear.

Adequate Preparation

Take time to prepare extensively before coming live to avoid being silent at some point. It would help if you made a checklist of what you want to say. That is an essential factor, as it will combat forgetfulness while streaming life. However, making a short note of all your points step by step is a suitable method to boost your confidence before the camera. That will help you remember all you have in mind to say. 

Again, have a particular method of introduction or an opening signature. For example, you could start with “hi family, welcome to another episode of…” or “hello, hello, hello, welcome once again to my channel.” Never feel awkward looking at your notes if you need to. You can even announce to your audience your need to see the notes — people like real people, who forget and make mistakes. 

Take a Deep Breath and Relax

You might become nervous about hitting the “go live” button. In this state, you’ll need to take a deep breath and allow your nerves to calm down. Erase every thought of failure from your mind and keep faith in your efforts. 

Check Your Tech Gadgets Thoroughly

You don’t want to be cut short in the middle of your show, because it can put you off balance. To avoid such embarrassment, endeavor to test-run all your equipment to ensure it is in good working conditions. Also, replace any malfunctioning gadget with a new one or repair it properly. 

You can record yourself beforehand to ensure your sound recorder, microphone, and camera are working correctly. Furthermore, if your phone battery is low, charge it fully, so it doesn’t go off while streaming. If you put all these in place, you’ll become more confident in yourself while streaming. 

Practice Before Going Live

Practice makes perfect. As a newbie, you can’t afford to go live without first rehearsing and practicing. Practice makes you more confident about what to say and how to start. Remember to introduce yourself and your aim of streaming, get all the needed information ready and be confident with your personality. 

Dress Properly, But Not Loud

Your appearance shouldn’t be your primary concern, because you don’t need all the professional outlooks to stream. Dress appropriately, combine your colors well, and groom yourself. Also, you can dress in line with your presentation. For instance, if you want to entertain viewers, wear something casual and plain. If you are providing learning, life coaching, or seminars, dress to look smart and be more official with your looks. 

Greet Your Viewers By Name

At the show’s beginning, greet your viewers by their names to help them feel like a part of the show. Don’t break in the middle to welcome those who logged in after you’ve officially started.

Request for Comment

During every streaming, endeavor to remind your viewers to leave a comment. That will help you know where to improve or make adjustments. Also, tell them to ask questions if they have any and make sure to provide answers to their questions. 

Be Real

Don’t try to impress your audience when you’re streaming. If you make a mistake, all you need to do is to apologize and continue your stream, and your viewers will certainly accept you the way you are. Your audience doesn’t expect you to be perfect in your presentation. Just be honest and make it interactive. You can build a community and create a large audience if you consistently grow as a person and regularly stream on Allcreate.

Where Do You Start?

Going live could be a challenging milestone to surmount, and to overcome your fears, you need to stream against all odds. You can start in a little way; it could be creating a short introduction stream in order to say hi to your followers. 

If you’re searching for platforms to monetize your streaming, join Allcreate to share your passion and inspire others through streaming.

Chitra Joshi

Content Writer & Marketer

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