4 Ways Tech can Increase Productivity in the Warehouse

| Updated on October 4, 2023
Increase productivity in the warehouse

A well-functioning and productive warehouse can be the driving force behind a successful business. However, ensuring your warehouse is maximizing productivity can be difficult. There are many moving parts to consider such as supplier relationships, the management of employees, and looking after the products that live in the warehouse. 

Advances in technology, though, has helped boost productivity within a business as a whole. If you are wondering how tech can increase efficiency within the warehouse, look no further. Here are the top four pieces of technology that can help your warehouse operations. 

Robotics Technology

The implementation of robotics in a warehouse can be cost-effective and improve productivity. Not only do they work faster and to a higher order accuracy, but they do not require breaks and can, therefore, work without having to stop. These fast cycle times can make storing and sorting out warehouse inventory as well as finding a product for a customer much easier and quicker, improving productivity and efficiency. 

Other advantages of investing in warehouse robotics include reduced labor costs and reduced safety accidents. This is ideal for warehouses that may store dangerous products as well as businesses that are looking for a way to cut down costs in the long term. While robotics may seem expensive, they should bring an impressive return on your investment.

Barcode Scanning

Bring speed to your team’s workflow by investing in a product scanner app. Using such an app that is compatible with mobile devices streamlines the barcode scanning process. Warehouse employees no longer have to juggle cargo and their hefty barcode scanner. No, now they can pick up and handle a product and still manage their barcode scanner, streamlining the product picking and inventory process.

Labor Management Systems

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a piece of software that helps support warehouse operations while looking for ways to optimize its functionality. There are many warehouse management systems out on the market, so finding the one right for your business’s needs can be time-consuming. However, the most popular ones are:

  • MOVE
  • inflow Inventory
  • OrderWise
  • Odoo
  • Softeon Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Key functions of a warehouse management system are to help with sales, CRM, warehouse management, inventory, accounting, transhipping, and supplier relations. 

Mobile Printers

Warehouse workers will, most likely, need to create labels for products that need to be stored or shipped. However, having to walk back and forth from the products and the printer can waste time and frustrate your employees, hindering morale. Investing in mobile printers that can generate labels from anywhere can make what is considered a tedious job much easier and more enjoyable. All you need is reliable Wi-Fi.

Warehouse operations can help or hinder a business. Looking for ways to streamline and improve productivity within your warehouse can improve your business’s whole performance. Embrace technology and spend the time teaching employees how to utilize these new tools. Technology is the key to increasing productivity within a workplace, and this is no different when it comes to a warehouse.

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