The Impact of Digital Marketing Trends on Gold Coast Businesses

| Updated on March 26, 2024

It’s no secret that digital marketing is the way of the future. With most people using social media for their daily interactions and more businesses than ever relying on websites to generate revenue, Gold Coast business owners must stay up-to-date with trends in the industry. If you’re like most business owners and search online for “Digital Marketing Gold Coast”, this article is for you. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing how these trending topics are impacting local GC businesses right now.

Before we get into that, let’s talk about the way that consumers have changed their shopping habits since the (you know what) started and changed the world.

Online Shopping Has Accelerated by 5 years

With restrictions, lockdowns, curfews, and all sorts of impositions placed on Gold Coast residents, people have needed to shop online; now more than ever. The ease of buying what you need with just a few clicks has seen online shopping surge in recent times. In fact, according to Google, “the average shopper now expects a website to load in less than three seconds”.

This is great news for Gold Coast businesses that have an online presence! Not only do they have the opportunity to capitalize on this trend and increase their revenue, but they can also compete with the big guys.

The world of marketing is growing rapidly too. With more businesses than ever looking to get online and be part of social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, local companies mustn’t fall behind on trends in digital marketing or risk being left out!

Gold Coast Small Businesses Are Going Digital

Research shows that “more than half of Gold Coast-based small business owners are using digital marketing to get their products and brands recognized in front of the right audience using digital products”.

With more than half of all Gold Coast residents looking online for services and products, local companies mustn’t miss out on potential customers.

Digital Marketing Agencies can help you stay ahead by helping with SEO (search engine optimization) and social media engagement. They also ensure that your website is easy to navigate and eye-catching – important if you want people to keep coming back through your doors or transferring money from their accounts onto yours!

Some Crucial Tips for Small Businesses to Sail Through in the Digital World

In light of the current situation, we’ve put together six tips for small businesses to help them survive and thrive in the digital world.

Have an Online Presence

Make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices and that you’re active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This will ensure that potential customers can find you with ease.

Use Search Engine Optimisation

Use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve your ranking on Google and other search engines. SEO Packages

Make Sure Your Content is Fresh

Make sure your website content is fresh, relevant, and engaging – people are more likely to stay on a website if the content is interesting!

Utilize the Latest Digital Marketing Tools

Utilize digital marketing tools such as email marketing, paid to advertise, or Google AdWords to reach your target market.

Look for a Digital Marketing Agency Who Can Help

Look for a Digital Marketing Agency Gold Coast businesses can trust.

Make sure you’re keeping up with digital marketing trends! Staying ahead of the curve is key to success in this industry.

If you’re a Gold Coast business owner and haven’t been keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing, now is the time to start. The world of marketing has

changed more rapidly than ever before – from social media networks to mobile devices

– so it’s crucial that your website content stays fresh and relevant.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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