How to Write Awesome Product Descriptions That Convert Like Crazy!

| Updated on March 22, 2024

Whether you have a large e-Commerce website with hundreds of pieces, or you only have a select few, creating awesome written narratives is critical in converting as many of those ‘clicks’ into ‘customers’ as possible.

The question is: How can you write amazing portrays of your products that convert like crazy?!

Read on and we’ll share some valuable insights…

Let’s first catch some clarity about the impact of having excellent written portrayals on your website. 

Are Adding Valuable Product Descriptions Beneficial?

An Informative Product Description 

Many of us would consider visuals to set more impact on the customers’ minds than the written product description. But, this is also an undeniable fact that those visuals can be easily twisted or screwed online. 

Another most accepted fact about visuals is that it is equivalent to 1000 words. Despite this, you must remember a picture can be misleading too. For instance, a model wearing an item might not entirely fit into that piece, but the image can be improved before posting. 

However, the flaws in the image can be improved with a presentable and comprehensive written narrative that isn’t shown in the picture, such as “the trendy garment,” “the stylish look,” etc. Your portrayal is also helpful to define the other descriptive features like its size, the method of draping, and so on. Additionally, the specifications and the highlights of the piece can be usually better explained in engaging written narratives. 

Therefore, the product description is very helpful in offering your customers an informative resource to evaluate the commodity better. They not only aid in rising sales but also offer much more to a business. 

Here is the list of the benefits offered through an appealing portrayal.

  • Provides transparent information to customers.
  • These are helpful to stand apart from the competition.
  • It improves your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 
  • It helps in establishing a relationship of trust with customers.
  • It also enhances the overall website appearance of a business. 

Therefore, after knowing the benefits of the engaging written narrative it is clear that these are a great weapon to set your business apart from the competition. You can present your pieces more professionally, exhibiting great quality, and offer a promising price point to deal with. 

Besides this, it is significant to learn how to carve those highly- functional portrayals. So, read along to comprehend better….. 

Product Description for a Cotton T-shirt

Speak to Your Ideal Buyer

The key to writing the perfect product narrative is understanding your ideal buyer through and through. You should address them directly and personally. What are their biggest problems and how can your commodities solve them?

And remember: always use the word ‘YOU’!

Lead with Benefits

Yes, you need to list all of the features, but when optimizing your listings, you need to ask yourself: what are the benefits? How is this particular commodity going to influence your customers’ lives? People want to know not just what they are getting, but what their lives will look like with this new commodity in it.

Avoid Clichés

“The leading product for XYZ will truly be the only thing you ever need for the best results in yada yada.”

*Rolls eyes*.

Avoid the boring “yeah, yeah” clichés and say something different! If you were to hand-pick 1,000 e-Commerce websites at random, there’s a very good chance that the large majority of the written narratives would read the same.

Avoid cheap writers and hire some talent!

Leverage Your Readers’ Imagination

Every consumer has a very powerful tool in their noggin – and it’s free for you to leverage if you know how!

Appeal to their imaginations and create compelling copy that paints a picture in their mind.

The fact is, when buying online, people are buying blind. So, make sure that you write a product description that actively makes your website visitors imagine themselves in a certain scenario using your pieces– you’ll have a much better chance at converting them if you do.

Sensory Words are Seductive

Describe the piece in vivid detail! For example, if you are selling chocolate, you don’t want to refer to taste alone: How appetizing does it look? What does the chocolate feel like in your mouth? And what does it sound like when you bite into it?

There are a gazillion words at your fingertips so choose them wisely.

Bullet List Features and Specs

Features and specs aren’t overly exciting but they are an essentiality – and since you need to squeeze them into your written narratives:

  • You just as well
  • Make them easier
  • To digest

Add Social Proof

No consumer wants to take your word for it.

It’s easy for brands to sit and talk about how excellent their commodities are, but what about their customers? Take your social proof and feature it in your portrayals:

“Here’s what our customers have to say about this.”

Add some authentic testimonials showing the happy deals you made with your customers. Demonstrate a sense of satisfaction prevailing amongst your existing customers that would motivate new individuals from the target zone to become your customer. 

Keep It Short and Sweet

Your portrayals need to be easily ‘scannable’. Just as we suggested using bulleted lists for features and specs, keep the content itself brief and easy to read.

In essence, you want to describe the product and its benefits in as little or as much as is necessary. Cut the fat!


Hire the pros! It’s all too easy to underestimate the power of a well-written description. What might just be 150 words of waffle to you could be the difference between selling dozens – or thousands of commodities through your website.
A well-written product description can be transformative to your business. So, if you need more time and desire to invest in crafting exceptional sales copy for your website, we strongly recommend hiring an SEO agency that can handle it on your behalf.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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