How To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Blog in 2023?

| Updated on March 22, 2024

You might be wondering, what is blog organic traffic? Organic traffic is the stream of visitors who come to your blog without you actively trying to attract them. Google Search, social media sites, and other search engines crawl website content automatically looking for new and pertinent content. This crawling process indexes the web pages so they can show up higher in a user’s search results. The more unique and original your blog posts are, the higher they will appear in Google searches and thus be crawled more often by search engines. Therefore, the higher the number of unique visitors your blog gets, the better – or rather, ‘organic’ – your blog will rank in future Google search queries. With this article, we will share with you insights on how you can promote blog to increase organic traffic in 2023.

Google’s Key Organic Traffic Improvement Strategies

Gloves are off! Google has enhanced its organic search algorithm several times in the past few years. In 2018, Google declared its major changes to the algorithm which included improvements to relevance, ranking factors, and more. The most significant change was a shift in how Google decides if a website is suitable or not. The new process gratuities platforms that have high-quality content that is unique to what they’re searching for. As a result of this change, websites must be more creative with their SEO strategies and concentrate on creating buzzy content rather than just goofing off keywords in content titles or meta descriptions. Using Linksmanagement link building company can be a solution to make money hand over fist by means of SEO driven organic traffic.

Use AI and Robots.txt To Boost Your Site’s Rank

One of the most acceptable methods to help your service enhance its organic search ranking is by optimizing it for Googlebot. 

  • The first step in this process is to use bots and robots.txt files to block certain types of content from appearing on your site. If you’re using WordPress, you can block specific posts or pages from showing up in Google search results.
  • Another spare tire to increase organic traffic is by adding AI and digital marketing tools to your sites like Google Feedburner and AdWords Keyword Planner. These tools will help you find the most appropriate keywords for your blog so that when customers search for them, they are more likely to find the content that you want them to see instead of another blog post about a similar topic. 
  • And lastly, mobile optimization should be your strong suit for increasing natural traffic. By optimizing your website specifically for mobile devices, you can maximize the number of page views and clients your site gets – all without spending money on ads or SEO campaigns.

Write Excellent Content That Is Updated Regularly

Write fresh content

One of the most suitable ways to boost blog traffic when your business hangs on a thread is to regularly share new high-on-the-hog content. The more fresh, relevant, and well-written your content is, the more likely it is to be read and shared by others. It’s crucial to note that you do not need to write an article every day. Find your carrot and stick to keep your blog posts fascinating and updated every few weeks or so. 

Use effective photos

Pick the best photos for your blog. They should be colorful and vivid. Just do not use FaceTune and other services for this. They strongly make the skin unnatural and wax. Order processing from a professional studio or hire a photographer to retouch photos. Beautiful photos in the article are the key to success. A person before reading an article looks through it and decides whether to read this post or not based on whether he liked the photos or not.

Use media channels

Another key step in increasing alive and kicking traffic is using social media sites like Facebook to share your articles and reach out to targeted audience groups on a regular basis with your blog posts. Social media not only has a large number of active users who could potentially be interested in reading your blog, but it also allows you to easily share articles and updates from other blogs on their platform. It effectively multiplies the number of organic clicks that can result from an article shared on social media networks like Facebook. 

SEO websites

The last step in maximizing organic traffic and saving your company from blue devils is sharing your blog posts on search engine optimization (SEO) websites like Google Blog Search and Bing Blog Search. These sites allow you to obtain information about how many searches your post gets each month so you can see how often people are engaging with the content you share. Plus, they allow people searching for information on specific topics relevant to the posts you have published to find them!

Create Schema markup for your blog articles

Schema markup is a strategy for structuring metadata in HTML documents. The markup can be added to the head section of your blog’s HTML document, and it tells search engines which parts of your web pages are meaningful, enabling them to more quickly find those elements. 

If you want to increase organic traffic to website blog articles to rank higher in Google searches, it’s noteworthy that they have schema markup. A good example of schema markup is the h1 tag we applied to our title tag in the text above. This tells search engines that this is a critical heading and it should be shown higher up in search results compared to other headings on the page. You can also use schema markup on external text backlinks and images too – so make sure you’re using it everywhere!

Build a stunning and user-friendly website to enhance site rank

The ranking of your blog in the organic search engine results depends on visibility. That’s why it is a nuclear option to build a beautiful and user-friendly website that is easily navigable. Your site should be visually appealing, mobile-friendly, responsive, and easy to update. It’s also vital to verify that your blog is as fast as possible without any delays or lags in loading time. This ensures that visitors have an enjoyable browsing experience and won’t get frustrated with what could be a sign of slower website load times. If you want to rank higher in Google searches and attract more organic traffic, then building a beautiful and user-friendly website will provide the necessary visibility for your blog.


Though it is no picnic to draw organic traffic to a blog, there are a few strategies a modern blogger can follow to boost the rank of their blog. These include utilizing Google’s Key Organic Traffic Improvement Strategies and ensuring that the blog is filled with excellent content that is updated regularly. But these are just a few modes to increase your blog’s organic traffic.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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