• Who Are ICBC Lawyers and How They Can Help You?

    | Updated on June 28, 2022

    A car accident is the most uncertain incident for any person, and people all over the world, more or less have experienced it. In respect to Canada, especially in Kelowna the accident rules and regulations are very well-structured. If you have ICBC insurance, you can claim compensation with the help of an ICBC lawyer soon after the accident occurred.

    The lawyer will represent your case to the court so that you can find your worth. Moreover, the ICBC lawyers Kelowna, BC can offer the necessary legal support that any of their clients need.

    Things You Need to Know About ICBC Lawyers  

    They are the type of lawyers who will always help you when you have been injured regardless of whose fault that is. The ICBC lawyers, Kelowna, BC, are highly experienced in insurance claims, and they know their facts. On top of that, they will offer you a free consultation.

    Despite the amount of fee they charge, they will always work to get your demanded claim. Having them by your side after an accident even increases your chance to get more from the claim. As the lawyers are representing you, they will make sure that the court work is finished with the best possible outcome.

    How Can An ICBC Lawyer Kelowna Help You?

    The lawyers also make you realize that the ICBC adjusters will not be by your side. You may think that the adjusters are all you need for an injury claim, but they are the proven professionals in situations like that. And in most cases, lawyers actually win you a double amount of money than the adjusters have calculated for you.

    Get Your Compensation

    Along with this, these lawyers generally get paid from the compensated money you get. This acts as a motivating factor for them to win you more money than you hope to win. And so if there is no recovery of the claim, you don’t have to pay anything as most ICBC experts do not claim any fees until the compensation claim is recovered.

    Help You in Your Medical Insurance

    The ICBC advocates will also work with the medical team who are in support of your recovery after an accident. They gather crucial evidence from the medical experts to support your claim in court while you can concentrate on your full recovery not just for now but also for your future as well.

    Help You in All Legal Procedures

    Lawyers have vast experience with which they will guide you through the complete legal process, and at the end of the trail, you’ll feel you yourself know everything about ICBC claims. Their way of approaching your claim is very intense and dedicated.

    They’ll be by your side as well as represent you in court while you recover from the injury. They   have their work cut out for negotiations and paper works. So, it is always a wise decision to choose them to represent you against ICBC adjusters while you focus on your recovery.

    What Kind of Cases Does the ICBC Lawyers Handle?

    ICBC experts have an intense and vast amount of experience when it comes to ICBC claim cases. If you have been injured from any car or motorbike accident, they are the people you should go to for legal help. These are the few ICBC related claims that the they can help you with:

    • All kinds of automobile accidents (car, truck, public transport, etc.)
    • Motorbike crash accidents
    • Pedestrian accidents
    • Boats, snowmobile, ATV accidents
    • Passenger injury claims
    • Drunk driving accidents
    • Fatal car accidents
    • Slip and fall injuries
    • Accidents related to different types of machinery

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