5 Facts About ICBC Claim Lawyers

| Updated on October 5, 2023

The term ICBC refers to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. ICBC Lawyers are specialized in getting claims, have the experience in demanding compensation from insurance companies on behalf of their client in the situation of accidents and injuries.

They help you get the justice from the injury caused by negligence from another person or party. The ICBC claim lawyers in Surrey BC can help you to get the legal claim after an accident, and they will make sure your assessment is fair and correct to get the money quickly.

Things You Need to Know About ICBC Claim Lawyers

1. Experience and skill set

The lawyers in Surrey BC have immense experience of more than 50 years in the field where they have gathered many competencies that make them apart from others. Their knowledge of negotiation, professionalism, client management, as well as maintaining the clients’ needs, is very popular. After a distressful accident, they are the people to go to, for any legal assistance.

2. No upfront fee

These lawyers maintain a policy of free consultation all over Canada. The lawyers will hear your situation, ask you about your position and advise accordingly without demanding any payment. 

3. Fair compensation

In case, someone has retired or is aged, ICBC will not pay any compensation just for that reason. The claim lawyers will not give priority to your age; instead, focus on the situation and your possibility of winning the case.

There are many scenarios where ICBC were denied compensation due to a person being retired, but the lawyers in Surrey BC won over the claim for their client with hard-work and determination.

4. No Compensation, No Fees

The ICBC lawyers provide you with the opportunity to have legal assistance without any fee at all if you don’t win the case. No compensation means no fees for them, and that is their rule. They don’t follow such a procedure where you do not get any compensation, and still have to pay.

5. Look after your health

The professionalism and assistance of the lawyers will make sure that you can focus on your medical recovery. At the same time, they take care of the financial claim of the accident.

The lawyers will also provide you with a medical team that will work solely on your recovery. The medical teams also work with the lawyers in helping you win your claim by providing valuable evidences.

The Kind of Settlements You Can Claim

The ICBC lawyers have the expertise and knowledge about how the system works. So, they will make sure you get the settlement that is in your best interest. These are some of the agreements they can get for you through negotiation:

1. Damage awards

By measuring all the possible ways you have been damaged, the attornies in Surrey BC will make sure you get your damage compensation from the ICBC. 

2. Pain and suffering awards

This award includes all the possible compensation for the physical pain and suffering you have faced due to the accident. The claim lawyers will ask you questions and look at your medical report thoroughly to make sure you get compensated for your physical misery.

3. Past and future income loss

By gathering evidence from your workplace and considering the time you have missed going to your job, the lawyers will make a claim of compensation for your past income loss. In case of serious injury, you can expect even to be compensated for future income by showing that you weren’t able to work more, and your bank balance has been affected due to the accident injury. The ICBC claim lawyers will get you these claims with proper evidence and fact.


Your lifestyle, medical report, and bank balance can affect the ICBC claim significantly. Again, the failure in winning the case may make you lose money from your pocket due to the expenses of the legal procedures. So, it is always recommended to opt for the assistance of the ICBC lawyers for your injury.

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