Want to Get Free Answers from Chegg? Here’s How You Can Easily Do It

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Most of us can relate to googling the answers to problems that we can’t figure out, only to end up not getting them for free. So frustrating, right?

During the time of Covid-19, there has been a lot of pressure on the students to be able to keep up with their studies and their grades as well. But if you know about Chegg, you know the solutions for all the problems, quite literally. 

Chegg Free Answers

Some students are saying that the pressure is so much that they feel like it is harder to be a student than to be an employee. But since every problem has a solution, you don’t have to struggle for not getting solutions for free.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can get free answers from Chegg without paying a single penny, using some really easy steps.

So without further waiting, let’s get right into it!

About Chegg

Chegg, Inc., additionally called Chegg, is an online education technology platform. It is based in The Urban Center, California, and has over 3 million active subscriptions. Chegg offers digital and physical textbook rentals, online tutoring in the room, and other student services such as answers to all academic questions.

As every school and college is moving towards online study, it’s tough for students to find answers and complete their homework as well during the quarantine period. Almost every student is going through a challenging phase, and it’s the most crucial time for them in their life to build a career.

Chegg is a renowned online education platform that is available almost all over the country. Those who have a Chegg premium subscription can score well in the exam with its help. To get Chegg’s solution for free, all you have to do is follow the methods mentioned below and stay with us till the last. 

Premium Chegg Answers Options

  • For a higher understanding of scholars, there are online tutorials on subjects.
  • Students are offered high-quality answers to their academic doubts on Chegg.
  • Chegg contains a community of students and teachers wherever a student can discuss their issues.
  • Chegg also provides services to spot and forestall plagiarism in writings.
  • One can also take notes directly within the e-book. You’ll be able to open the Chegg eReader and review the notes upon obtaining free time to review.
  • The feature to highlight the notes within the e-book and review the critical points with the Chegg eReader is also available for the subscribers.

Pricing of Premium Chegg Accounts

All current premium plans and pricing of Chegg are given below in the table. The subscription plans are mentioned in the monthly period. If you are planning to purchase a premium pan then check out the given below table.

Chegg Study$14.95 / Month
Chegg Math Solver$9.95 / Month
Chegg Writing$9.95 / Month
Chegg Study Pack$19.95 / Month

How to Get Chegg Answers for Free?

If you would like to access all the services and offers from Chegg answers for free, follow the given methods to find out how:

Chegg For Free – Trial Account

To get the Chegg Study answers for free, there’s a very common way without having to pay. You can sign up for the Chegg Study Subscription and cancel it anytime for free. This means that you will get your account back. To do this, follow the given steps below:

Go to the Chegg homepage.

  • You will be redirected to Learn With Chegg page, tap on the orange-colored Get Started button.
Tap on Get Started

  • Now you will be asked to create a new account. Enter your email and choose a password.  
Enter the required details.

  • Next, select the plan according to your requirements. There are two plans available, select $19.95 as you can cancel it at any time for FREE.
Select the $19.95/mo. plan.

  • After that, you have to complete the payment through Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal.
Select the mode of payment that you prefer.

  • Once you complete the payment, you can search for unlimited answers on Chegg.
  • Now, before the 30 days are complete, you can Cancel it for FREE and you do not need to pay $19.95.

Free Chegg Answers Group on Reddit

A  great way to get Chegg answers for free is Reddit also. All you have to do is publish your question in the group and wait for someone to respond with the answer. If the group members aren’t active, sometimes responses may take more than 24 hours, but you will surely get the answer.

Here’s how you can:

  • Open Reddit on your device.
Open Reddit on our device.
  • Tap on the Signup button in the top right corner of the screen or simply log in if you already have an existing account.
Tap on sign up
  • Then enter your email address or sign up using your Google or Apple account.
Login using your email address or google or apple.
  • Select your username and create a new password.
  • Now tap on Sign Up and your account will be created.
  • After that, go to the search bar and type Chegg Answers in the search bar.
search for chegg answers
  • Select the “Chegg Answers” group.
  • Join the group and post the question you want help with.
  • Any member of the group will definitely provide you with the answer. 

Free Chegg Answers on Discord Server

To find answers to complex math and lengthy history questions is often a difficult task. Even though the method techniques given above work for most people who are looking for how they can get Chegg answers for free, there is no saying whether you will get the most accurate answers or not.

Just like Reddit, one can make use of Discord for this type of trick. Despite no guarantee for the accuracy of the answers, Discord has a good possibility to answer the Chegg questions of the users. But before that, let’s know a little about what Discord is and how it can be used.

Those who are into main gaming might have already heard of Discord before and even used it. Discord connects millions of users worldwide, and it is also a one-stop platform for connecting with your gaming friends and having a good-seamless gaming experience.

You can also change the server in Discord as per your suitability.  Discord is not solely limited to gaming anymore. Even though it was designed and created for communications in multiplayer games, it now has a number of communities in it that stay connected on different servers of Discord. If you want to play music on Discord, then it can be easily done too. Discord enables users to chat there, hang out and make new connections with people with similar interests. 

So now getting back to our topic, Discord can also be used for finding answers to Chegg questions. You can try the platform and check out how it has a wide range of features that enables many people to collect answers to the basic Chegg queries.

Discord can be a go-to tool for searching for answers to different topics. It is a community platform that helps people socialize with their peers and get answers to various questions in a seamless way.

Free Chegg Answers Via Google Opinion Rewards App

Are you even from this planet if you haven’t heard of Google? Well, if you haven’t, Google Opinion Rewards App is a reward app from Google, in which you will be asked some questions every day. And by answering those questions, you can earn money USD $ in the app.

All you have to do is just collect the USD $ and reach the payout limit of PayPal. This way, your money will be sent automatically to the PayPal ID that you entered. Now, with that money, you can make your Chegg account for free, and this way you can get a free Chegg answer. Or you can even make an account as per your wish.


Make sure that to send money to your PayPal account, you use an iOS Apple Device. Android users can get their payment only through Google play credits.

Get Chegg Answers for Free from Similar Websites

There are some alternatives that can offer similar information and material as Chegg. We have concluded some pretty known ones for you and listed them below:

  • Slader- This website offers free solutions for your schoolwork. It consists of excellent quality solutions – just attempt it out and see it for yourself.
  • StudyLib- StudyLib is a massive online study library, where you’ll be able to find your answers to queries. It helps out with essays, documents, and homework. You will also be able to find books if you’re searching for them.
  • Khan Academy – Khan Academy is the ultimate alternative to Chegg’s free answers. It is one of the biggest online platforms to learn any subject and provides full free access to a wide range of topics.
  • PaperHelp- PaperHelp works much like Chegg. It offers many tiers of writers who are professionals and will even do your essays for you. This way, you’ll be able to choose the simplest one for you.
  • CourseHero- CourseHero takes a particular course of action than your commonplace tutoring sites: they base their services on a Q&A format accessible to each tutor that wishes to check their data.


Does Chegg offer free trials?

Yes, Chegg offers a free trial on sign-up for four weeks. The user just has to enter their valid credit information in the mode of payment.

Is it possible to get free Chegg answers?

Yes, you can get Chegg answers for free with the help of the above-given methods in this article.

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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