How to Build Quality Backlinks for Real Estate Business?

| Updated on March 22, 2024

Every business thinks of staying at the top and having a far-reaching impact. It means earning more money and keeping up with the current market demands to give you just the right edge over your competitors. And neglecting the world of the internet is utter ignorance, which will put you out of this competition.

Nowadays, having a strong online profile is crucial, and with it, some effective SEO. An online business cannot survive without the support of a quality SEO campaign and various unique marketing strategies.

That’s where backlinks come into play, as they are an integral part of any digital marketing strategy since they help a website rise in search engine rankings and generate more leads.

What is Backlink in Real Estate?

When one website uses another as an anchor for a link or reference, it is known as a backlink. Additionally, it enables a higher-quality Search Engine Results Page (SERP), which ultimately benefits the site’s ranks. Furthermore, popular websites are more attractive for backlinks because they are trustworthy and viable.

In essence, link building for real estate business is essential because it helps give the business a push in a new direction and make it relevant. Therefore, with original and creative content, a real estate website can increase its reliability and get some traffic on its website.

Here is what a real estate business can do to raise its status in search engines:

  1. Use Directories

Listing your real estate business in popular directories can give you a ton of opportunities to attract potential customers. With this, the business can provide relevant information that a customer may deem crucial. 

First, start out by scouring free directories such as Yahoo Business, Google My Business, etc. Or, you can go with state or national real estate directories and have your business plugged into those listings.

With a simple Google search, you can find various free real estate directories that can give your business some leverage and a chance to increase your customer base.

  1. Local Charities or Business

If a brokerage firm uses the services of another business or supports a charity, those websites will be more than happy to backlink. This can be done in the form of interview posts or blog posts. Using the services of another business or giving money to a charity can also help a real estate business get more contacts and backlinks.

For example, donate some amount to a social cause and have them write for your business in return on their official blog. The same holds true for local businesses that you support.

  1. Try Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can help bring awareness and let people know about your real estate business. It also lets you create new contacts and better opportunities to increase your target audience.

However, the quality of the content matters as well, so place these posts on relevant websites such as MyFancyHouse, PropertyPro, etc. Remember, the goal is to capture the audience and not to pitch sales.

Your guest post content should be natural and facilitate users in any way possible. Not to mention, it should be of an appropriate length so as to not bore the reader. A general goal is an 800 to 1500-word guest post.

  1. Become a Sponsor

One way to see your real estate business in a new light is by sponsoring your local school or vocational training institute. This will let home buyers realize how much your business cares about the community and strives to bring change. It requires a bit of investment, but it is worth the shot!

Give out some local scholarships that will get press coverage or highlight your contribution in the local newspaper. Moreover, you can ask any organization that supports scholarships to mention the business name on their website for viable internal linking.

Another way to increase your business trustworthiness is to support local school clubs. Again, this will place your business right at the center of your local community and create some business supporters!

  1. Design Landing Pages

Landing pages are where a user is redirected from one website to another. Generally, these pages are a business’s homepage or an attractive page where the business is sure to meet the user’s expectations. Using backlinks from popular sites lets you reach a wide audience, which in turn drives traffic to the landing page in question.

Therefore, designing an efficient landing page is crucial. It should strike a chord with the user and convince them to stay longer and check out the services the real estate business has to offer.

  1. Backlink with HARO

HARO, or Help a Reporter Out, is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies that will rank your real estate business high in no time. What’s more, it works perfectly well for niche businesses. 

All one needs to do is sign up for a HARO account and get free media listings emailed out every day. Each item in the list will have some queries, and each query will have a reporter’s name, media outlet name, deadline, and some questions.

When you have found a desirable reporter that matches your niche, send out your pitch to introduce your business. If the reporter likes what you have to say, you will get a backlink from a popular media website. 

  1. Write Effective Testimonials

This is what is called “testimonial link building”. A positive review left on a local business website or by any business partner you have worked with can be in your favor.

For example, if you have used the services of an interior designer for your real estate business, they can ask you for a review or comment to be left on their website.

With some positive words, your real estate business now has an authentic backlink generated on a local business website. This lets Google know about your credibility, making it approve such links and putting your website at the top of the local search.

  1. Use Social Media

Social mentions will make your real estate business viable in the digital frontier. One way to do this is to run some contests on all social media accounts pertaining to your business. 

It encourages local users to participate, boosting your credibility and generating more backlinks. One can also host some giveaways to increase the volume of social mentions.

Moreover, your real estate business will start afresh with some photo blogging. It is a sort of “virtual tour” of your business via stellar photos of your properties, which ultimately draws home buyers to check out your business.

To Summarize

A real estate business should put in an effort to implement effective internal linking. It means employing the HARO technique, writing testimonials, using unique landing pages, writing quality guest blogs, etc. With the right digital marketing tools and forward-thinking, your real estate business can reach new heights in no time!

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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