How Can a Car Payment Calculator be Determined to Know How Much Money You Need to Borrow?

| Updated on February 26, 2024

If you are taking a loan from a dealer or a conventional lending institution, you should use a payment calculator before signing the paperwork. To determine how much you must contribute to your car loan each month, use the car loan EMI calculator. The online EMI Calculator provided by BankBazaar will compute your monthly payments and provide a thorough breakdown of your loan repayment schedule, including information on the principal, interest, and remaining balance after each installment has been paid.

How A Payment Calculator Works 

A payment calculator tells the monthly payment on a loan based on the loan amount, interest rate, and the lender’s terms. You only need to input these details, and the calculator will do the rest. 

How this works is that, you can calculate how much you have to pay monthly, after borrowing $20,000 at an interest rate of 3%.

The calculator will use the formula below to determine your monthly payment: 

Monthly Payment = (Loan Amount * Interest Rate) / (1 – (1 + Interest Rate) ^ (-Loan Term)) 

In this case, the monthly payment would be $366.33. 

Using a car payment calculator makes borrowing money easy, as it allows you to see the total cost of the loan. It can also be useful for comparing various credit options and choosing the best one.

How to find a Good Payment Calculator 

You can search for online car payment calculators or visit the websites of banks. Most of these organizations have car payment calculators on their websites. 

A fixed-interest loan’s duration or monthly payment amount may be calculated using the Payment Calculator. The fixed-term loan’s monthly payment may be determined by using the “Fixed Term” tab. Visit the “Fixed Payments” page to know the fixed monthly payments. Use the auto loan calculator for calculations relevant to automobile payments or further information. Utilize the Take-Home-Pay Calculator to determine the salary’s net payout after taxes and deductions.

Loans may be tailored based on a number of variables. There are so many choices it might be daunting. The term and monthly payment amount, separated by tabs in the calculator above, are two of the most crucial decision elements.

When looking for a car payment calculator, it’s essential to consider the following factors: 

Ease of Use 

A payment calculator should be easy to use for several reasons. This can save you time and make calculating your monthly payment more efficient. Another thing it can do is make more accurate calculations and better money-borrowing decisions. 

An easy-to-use calculator is also usable to people with different levels of technical expertise.


A customizable car payment calculator, that allows you to input different loan amounts, interest rates, and loan terms to see the effect on the monthly payment.

Additionally, a customizable calculator allows you to input other factors, such as down payment and trade-in value, to get a more accurate monthly payment estimate. Using a customizable car payment calculator, you can make informed decisions about your car financing and find the best option.

Additional Information 

Some payment calculators may provide additional information beyond the monthly payment and the total amount borrowed.

The total interest is the money you have to pay in addition to the loan amount.

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Fixed-rate vs Floating rate of interest

Fixed and adjustable interest rates are both available for auto loans. For the duration of the loan, the fixed rate won’t change, but the floating rate might occasionally vary. Relevant taxes, liquidity, inflation, and other factors are only a few of the many variables that might influence interest rates. 

Calculation of Fixed Rate EMI 

The EMI you must pay for the auto loan is constant during the loan term thanks to the fixed rate EMI calculation. This is true since the corporation provided a stable interest rate for the whole time period. 

For instance, the interest on a car loan for Rs. 5 lahks with a 3-year term and 10% annual interest will be Rs. 16,134 a month. This is the sum that must be paid over the loan’s term. 

Calculation of the Floating Rate EMI 

The EMI payment varies depending on the interest rate in effect at the moment under the variable rate EMI calculation technique. The market lending rate affects the variable rate of interest. 

Consider that you have an Rs. 5 lakh automobile loan with a 3-year term. Since the interest rate is 10% for roughly a year, the EMI due, as in the example above, is Rs. 16,134. You still owe Rs. 3,36,409 after one year has passed. At that point, the interest rate on the auto loan is adjusted to 8%. Therefore, the EMI due for the remaining term would be Rs. 15,215.

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