A Simple Guide to Getting Your Travel Documents Together

| Updated on March 27, 2024

The most frustrating thing for a traveler is to forget his passport or another important document at home, without which you can’t leave. To avoid such a situation, keep our list as a bookmark. 


Without it, you can’t get on the train or stay in a hotel. And if when you buy a plane, train, or bus ticket you can use both your regular and international passports, then when checking into a hotel you will be asked for your internal passport in order to register at the place of stay. 

It is best to have your passport with you when you travel: at any moment you may be asked to check your documents. It is best to make a copy of your passport beforehand, notarize it and keep it separately from the original. It may come in handy if you should happen to lose your passport during the trip. Take photos of all completed pages with your phone and use a photobooth online passport photo so you will always have them handy.

Birth Certificate

If you are traveling with a child, be sure to bring his or her birth certificate. If you are accompanying a child as a relative or family friend, remember to sign a power of attorney in advance with the parents.


For rail trips that include multiple moves, prepare a set of tickets for each person on the trip in advance for all stages. If you purchased tickets at a train ticket office, you’ll definitely need the originals on the trip. If you purchased tickets on the website or in the application

printing them out is not necessary. For boarding, it is sufficient to show the original passport. 

Driver’s License

If you plan to travel by car or to rent a car during the trip – take a driver’s license. By the way, they also work as additional identification. Thus, in some museums driver’s licenses instead of a cash deposit for the audio guide, and at rinks – for rented skates.

Also take the license for other modes of transport (motorcycle, boat) that you plan to rent on the trip.

Car Documents

Getting ready for a car trip (by the way, we have a guide on how to prepare a car for the trip), make sure you have a complete set of required documents – they can be checked at any traffic police post: 

  • Vehicle registration certificate;
  • MTPL policy;
  • Proof of ownership.

If you plan to rent a car, make sure you have all your documents. 

Medical Insurance

Travel insurance is not required, but it is a good idea to take it with you. It will help cover the unexpected costs of doctors and medications if you get sick or injured. Having insurance with you is important if you plan to climb mountains, go kayaking, ski, snowboarding, kite-surfing, or engage in other extreme sports.

Information About Where You are Going

Be sure to think about routes, mark them on the map, and buy a guidebook. In a notebook write down the times and days of the attractions and the cost of admission. Find out in advance how much it costs to travel by public transport and cab.

Eligibility Documents

If you are entitled to any benefits, take supporting documents with you. It can be a military ID, disability certificate, pension certificate, student ID, or school transcript. You can use these to get a discount or get a free train ticket or an inexpensive or free museum ticket.

Where to Keep Your Money and Documents

Your passport is the most important thing when traveling. Without it, it is not possible to verify your identity and therefore provide any assistance.

  • You can’t keep your ID card near money or jewelry. They may be stolen.
  • Do not put documents or bills in your pocket where they can easily fall out.
  • Don’t keep your savings in one place – put them in two or three pockets, and keep your bank cards separate.
  • When traveling, keep a close eye on your belongings, and don’t leave your bags unattended.

Final Tips

A few current tips will help you not to get lost in a foreign country and have fun while passing the time:

  • If you are going abroad, take a phrasebook. It will occupy you on the road and prepare you for communication in another language;
  • While you’re on the road, reread your favorite book, sketch out plans for the coming year or develop ideas for improving your business, download and watch a movie or get some sleep;
  • When traveling to a new place, familiarize yourself with a guidebook – shortcuts, interesting monuments, and plan to visit the sights;
  • In addition to comfortable sneakers, take at least two pairs of shoes – one for the beach, the other for going out on the town or visiting cafes;
  • Think in advance about how to get in touch with your relatives, and read the rates of your operator in a specific part of the world.


For many people packing for a trip turns into a real problem. Fear of forgetting what you need and taking unnecessary things doesn’t leave you, and your bag gets filled with a bunch of unneeded supplies. Make a minimal list, easy to combine things that are convenient to take with you on vacation and vacations.

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