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| Updated on October 30, 2023

Since many decades ago, the incredible skyscrapers and sparkling sands have entirely altered people’s perceptions of ancient Dubai. Dubai Creek was once considered the sole location where people may enjoy cruising and fishing in warm shallow waters. However, the dhow cruise sector has completely changed since the Dubai Marina was constructed as an artificial canal.

Dubai is a destination that appeals to visitors of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. It is on practically everyone’s list of places to travel. The city features conveniences, world-class architecture, adventure, and legendary Arabian hospitality.

Cruising is a favoured activity in the Arab world, where Dhows are an essential element of the culture. One of the nicest and most popular activities for guests at Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is a sumptuous cruise on the waters of the Marina canal city. This guide will inform you of the entire experience if you plan to visit Dubai Marina for a fun ride.

Visitors to Dubai should take a Dhow Cruise, which floats on the picturesque Dubai Marina increasing the splendour of these well-known waterways and providing views of the cutting-edge architecture of this lovely city. Dhow cruise is sure of one thing in your itinerary list. Have a lovely Dinner Cruise in Dubai Marina with your partner and relish the tasty food of the city. Every traveller must see Dubai because it is the city’s true soul. Something that is unique to Dubai and is not present anywhere else in the world.

One of Dubai’s top tourist attractions is the Dhow, a stunning traditional wooden boat with a deck that has been turned into a restaurant. Dhows have long been a feature of Arabian culture. These lovely floating restaurants showcasing the tradition of the Emirates took their place as modern transportation developed. There are transportation options to Dhow cruises on both Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina. Each, however, has a niche market.

How Does Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Look Like?

Dhows are traditional wooden vessels that were used for transport and trading. Those were ships used for shipping in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. These dhows are used for sailing, tourism, and entertainment in contemporary Dubai. The upper deck and lower deck are the names of the two floors that make up Dhows. The upper deck is great for open-air sightseeing, while the lower deck is air-conditioned and covered with glass windows.

Dhow voyage, Dubai Marina is a beautiful yacht with an upper and lower deck and seating areas. Regarding appearance and structure, most Dhow cruises are similar but vary in their amenities. Some of the dhows have more vivid lighting decorations and well-appointed interiors. There are separate bathrooms for men and women, and there is a buffet setup for eating there.

Relish The Tasty Delight And Wine With Your Partner

Visitors to Dubai have a great opportunity to unwind and have fun with Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. Dhow cruises now provide a variety of entertainment alternatives, including dances, DJs, and puppet performances. On the dhow trip, some local artists perform belly dance or Tanoura, which is adored by all. 

These performers dance and whirl while wearing gowns completely embellished with vibrant lighting. You will be greeted with drinks, dates, tea, and coffee when you board the dhow cruise, which is mostly free.

The servers on the dhow cruises are friendly and helpful and will do their utmost to keep you entertained. The waiters will also inform you and provide details about the significant sceneries for sightseeing. You can eat various meals from around the world for dinner, including Italian, Asian, Thai, Chinese, continental, Mediterranean, and Arabic fare. There is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine, as well as an abundance of fruits and salads.

Some popular meal choices include grilled fish, marinated lamb chops, beef stroganoff, fried fillet hamour, steamed rice, Daal, sabzi, and other dishes. There are many other desserts along with a range of freshly made bread.

Best Sightseeing Options At Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina provides Boat Cruise Amazing options for sightseeing. Along its 3 km of Persian Gulf shoreline, Dubai Marina includes a promenade where visitors may stroll, jog, rest, and sit in cafes and restaurants. A cruise through Dubai Marina is a unique experience since you can take in the stunning architecture, which includes skyscrapers, high-rise structures, opulent hotels, fashion companies, and more. You will be able to see some of the most significant and most beautiful structures in the entire world, including:

● Twin Rolex Towers

● Hotel Burj Al Arab

● Bridges, such as the Sheikh Zayed Bridge

● Atlantis resort

● Residences of the Palm

● The Burj Khalifa

● Beachfront Inn

Another wonderful sight is to observe the yachts and boats sailing in the calm waters of Dubai Marina. Enjoy the peace while watching the automobiles and trams cross the bridges above you. Dubai Marina is a fantastic location if you want to go sightseeing and take in sophisticated, opulent buildings.

Cruise With Your Partner & Enjoy The Charm Of The City

If you want to visit Dubai Marina purely for sightseeing, you must do so during the day or in the late afternoon. Some individuals merely want to look at the architecture, admiring the splendour of the skyscrapers and other architectural features in natural sunlight. 

You and your partner can visit the modern city at night when all the buildings are lit up and the entire town is shimmering to witness its stunning architecture. It would be a more breathtaking and peaceful view at night, with a lovely atmosphere. Due to the atmosphere and serenity of nighttime cruising, most people favour it.

The optimum time to take a dhow cruise in Dubai Marina can be advised by one of the many dhow operators there. Certain businesses also offer pick-up and drop-off services from hotels to cruise ports.

The top dhow cruise service in Dubai will transport you to a fantastical setting with calm, entertainment, and a sumptuous dinner. Following the services you require, you can select the travel agency or dhow cruise operator of your choosing. Prices range widely, and it goes without saying that the more you pay, the better the service is.

A dhow cruise can be purchased for as little as 60 AED per person and as much as 450 AED per person. Most Dhows share a similar structure and appearance. However, there are differences in the services offered. The amenities can be lavish and welcoming, including live entertainment, catering, and an international buffet banquet. Live performances are available, including belly dancing, Tanoura, and even magic acts. Some Dhow cruise companies request DJs to perform live. Additionally, background music is played the entire time to enhance the atmosphere.

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