10 Tips to Pay Less for Cruises

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Cruises have always been on everybody’s bucket list. And why not? The scenic views and the pleasant experience make it more and more tempting. There are various options available all around the world. Whether you stay in Europe, Asia, North America, or South America, you can have a boat trip from any corner of the world.

Boat trips give you a luxurious experience. Mostly these trips are available at tourist destinations where people come on their vacation. On these trips, you will cover beautiful beaches, islands, and various other gorgeous destinations. 

Although their prices may vary. Generally, the packages stay on the expensive side. Prices vary on various conditions, i.e., itinerary, days spent, type or destination, etc. The average American voyage package is said to be around $2200 per person. 

But there are some tips and hacks to reduce the bill of your journey. The hacks will be given below. These are not guaranteed tips. Consider them some hacks that can reduce your bill amount if you are lucky enough.

  1. Off-Seasons: Off-season refers to the time period when there are very fewer number tourists who avail for trips. The prices in off-seasons reduce due to low demand. Talking about them, the winter season is considered an off-season for them. Since modern ships are all equipped with Air-conditioners and modern technologies. So, tourists can cope with the heat of the summer season but not with the chills of the winter season. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the trip at less price, you can consider buying your tickets off-season.
  2. Early Booking: Trying to book tickets early can help reduce your overall bill payments. Early booking can provide you with a wider range of options in cabins and rooms. Various online platforms and agencies provide early-bird tickets for tourists so that more and more people get attracted by the low price.
  3. Research: When you go to the market to make a new purchase, you might visit more than 2-3 stores to compare the prices of the same product and save more and more money as possible. Approach multiple stores to compare the price and packages. Also, try searching the price and packages online on the internet.

    As told, various price and package options are available for your voyage online. Voyage-Privé offers cruises here for people like you who are planning to have a boat trip soon in the near future. No need to roam all over the internet. Voyage-Prive is the one-stop destination for all your travel requirements.
  4. Home Cruises: Home cruises mean sail trips that are within the country’s borders or close to the country’s borders. For example, a boat trip to the Bahamas, the Caribbeans, Canada, or Central America, etc. These trips are less expensive and offer affordable rates.

    The availability of the packages is more and easier compared to the international ones. International voyages cost way more than domestic ones.
  5. Onboard Booking: Booking while you are on board a ship allows you to book your next trip with some extra discounts and offers.

    You can even quit the hassle of selecting your date and ship for your future travel. On-board programs like the NextCruise booking program by Royal Caribbean can get you up to $200 onboard credits.

    This booking takes a non-refundable booking fee that varies according to the program and the onboard credits earned can be claimed on the next trip.
  6. Avail Exciting Offers on Sales: Many travel companies provide offers and discount packages throughout the year. The offers are available for a short-time period, that’s why we recommend you keep a close eye on these companies’ sales and offers.

    The most number of these offers are available during Januray-March. So keep an eye on travel websites and agencies to avail yourself as soon as possible.

    Also, you can subscribe to the newsletter or emails through which you can gather information about running or upcoming offers.
  7. Go in a Group: Add your friends to the plan and invite your friend group to the journey. It becomes easier to pay when you go with a group. Share your expenses and try to avoid unnecessary luxury activities.
  8. Free Voyage: Are you shocked? Yes, you heard it right. You can go on a voyage for free. Many big companies allow you to travel for free if you bring at least 16 members (14 in some companies) on the trip.

    You can invite your friends to the group to avail yourself of this policy. Gather your old student group or office group for an amazing experience.

    You can earn a free trip if you are the group leader who invested all the time in planning, itinerary, and payment-related tasks. It includes on-time payments, planning with your travel agent, gathering the group, etc. the cheapest time to do this during the year starts from May and last till early November.
  9. Book an Inside Cabin: Similar to hotels, cruise lines ask for less money if you book an inside cabin. The prices for a room with an ocean view are high as the sky. Therefore, to enjoy your sail on a budget, book an inside cabin.

    There are some advantages of booking an inside cabin. You get a pitch dark room at night so that you get a good sleep. Since it is not exposed, the loud noises from the ocean will not disturb you.

    Though you will miss a big room with windows, you have to sacrifice that for a good budget trip.
  10.  Credit Cards for Payments: Some banks or credit cards offer various discounts and schemes for their users. Take advantage of having a credit card and make payments with them. For example, Cruise Privilege Program offered by American Express Platinum Card will give you the advantages of Cruise Line Perks, On-Board Credits, Rewards Points, and much more.

Here is a bonus tip or a bonus hack by which you can get benefits with some great options.

Bonus Tip: On the very first day of your trip, also known as Embrakation Day, you are introduced to the ship, its layout, its staff, room, activities, etc. On this day, various Spas have their doors open for you with some discounts that you can get if you sign up on the first day of the trip. The same goes for the kitchen and the dining area. You can get some discounts and offers for your dinner. Sometimes you may get lucky with a free bottle of wine.

These were some tips and tricks that you could try to reduce the numbers displayed on your bill. A voyage is a luxurious and fine experience. It will be in your memories forever. 

We also recommend you some great Boat trip companies that are famous worldwide for their service and the experience that they put forward for their tourists.

  1. Norwegian Cruise Lines: Norwegian Cruise Lines have a specialty, that offer mega-ships for more than 4000 people. It is one of the most popular companies in the world.
  2. MSC Cruises: MSC is an Italian Based voyage line that operates worldwide. They are famous for the exquisite and luxurious experience that they provide throughout the sail.

Royal Caribbean International: Royal Caribbean International is a Miami Based cruise line. It is one of the biggest and most popular companies available in the market. They also deal in mega voyages that can accommodate around 4000 travelers.

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