• Top Considerations When Deploying a Funeral Director

    | Updated on January 2, 2023

    Organizing a funeral can be very emotionally draining, especially if you have never had to do it before and you are facing the death of a beloved one. Most funeral directors in the UK are sensitive to your grief and help you and guide you through the process. They aim to tailor their services to your needs and requirements. They will listen and let you choose the level of support you and your family need. 

    We recommend considering several aspects when choosing a proper funeral director. 


    Firstly, if your budget does not allow you to shop around, you might want to consider a small, local service. Usually, funeral directors are family-owned businesses. However, they have been recently merging and partnering with large holding companies, making the services slightly more expensive to a consumer. Local funeral directors will have a more personal approach and will be more likely to offer you alternative plans that will meet your budget while still leading you through every step of the difficult journey and creating a meaningful and memorable day.  

    Generally speaking, the prices in London, Surrey, and their vicinity start at £1000 for a decent funeral director. 

    Type of Funerals

    One of the major considerations is the type of funeral service you would like. There are many options and the funeral director should be able to present all of them to you. The main choice is a crematorium, church, burial, green, and woodline funeral. Crematoriums are the most common form of funeral. However, there is a trend, particularly with the younger generation, to arrange a funeral ceremony at the woodline burial site. It is a lovely alternative to a traditional crematorium or burial. Furthermore, it is an environmentally friendly ‘green funeral’, which is a wonderful option for adopting eco-friendly growing popularity. 

    If the budget is not a confederation for you, we highly advise looking at inspirational funerals. This means, funerals at the location of your choice such as a hotel, woodland retreat, football stadium, or any other location that would be special and personal for the deceased person. This kind of funeral can be completely customized and personalized. Don’t forget to ask your funeral director about it. 


    Last but not least is what services you would like. Choosing a coffin is one of the most difficult parts as it’s where the focus is throughout the whole funeral celebration. The range of coffins goes from the traditional wooden coffin to a completely personalized one. A personalized one allows you to engrave a picture, initials, or the name of the person who died. It can be truly designed to reflect the deceased person. A sustainable coffin has been growing in popularity as well. Those are coffins that have been manufactured from natural sustainable materials such as bamboo, willow, and seagrass. 

    Another important aspect that we would like you to consider here is transport and memorial services. Most funeral directors offer cortege, the Hearse drives from the location of your choice to the service venue. This is a traditional way but there are many other options such as motorcycle, poppy decorated hearse, bus, lorry or Campervan. Talk to the funeral directors about different options. 

    Finally, we would like to draw your attention to a live stream, photograph, or video of the service. Funeral live streaming services have been introduced largely during the lockdown. Their needs have decreased, however, it stayed popular, particularly if you have a family abroad and you would like them to tune in in real-time. Live streaming the funeral allows others to participate during the service and leave a beautiful memory for you. A professional funeral live streaming company will record the event therefore you can always come back to it. 

    A funeral is never an easy time whether you are arranging it for someone close to you or helping a friend. Choosing an empathetic and professional funeral director is the key to a smooth process during this daunting time. We recommend as well to view the reviews. 

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