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| Updated on March 28, 2024

One of the hardest inevitable experiences in life is losing someone you love. When your friend’s loved one or a family member passes away, you would want to express your sympathy and support by sending flowers. Flowers have been used on joyous and sorrowful occasions since 60,000 B.C.! And nothing better can express emotions than sympathy and funeral flowers do.


Flowers, we know, are the perfect gifts for every occasion. But it can get a little tricky when it comes to buying sympathy and funeral flowers. You will have to consider which flower type to get and if the color you choose is appropriate or not. Sending inappropriate flowers while trying to convey your condolences to a colleague or a friend would be the last thing you’d want to do. Different religions and cultures have different sympathy flower etiquettes. 

Likewise, if you’re the one preparing the funeral arrangements, you might like some help choosing the best flowers. You can select the flowers that represent the beloved deceased person and those that symbolize your sentiments. While the most common flowers used in funerals are lilies and Chrysanthemums, there are many stunning options for you if you want to make their last moments special.

Besides bouquets, Angelina’s Flowers offer an array of floral arrangements or sympathy flowers, or funeral flowers, such as casket sprays, wreaths, casket flowers, and condolence gifts. You can choose from their stunning readymade floral arrangements or contact them to request a custom design. They will get the flowers delivered to your location on the same day that you place the order!

You have many options when it comes to choosing sympathy and funeral flowers. So learning a little about them would help you choose the blooms that represent them best, whether you’re the one planning the funeral or looking for a sympathy bouquet.


While lilies are great for all occasions, they are universally associated with funerals and sad times. The meaning of lilies varies according to their colors. However, the most common symbolism of these elegant flowers is restored innocence, rebirth, and a soul’s rejuvenation. Therefore, picking a bunch of white stargazer lilies or any other sub-breed might be one of the most appropriate choices for funerals.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies make suitable gifts for funerals as you can send them to express your grief to someone experiencing the loss of their dear one. These blooms represent sympathy, purity, peace, and innocence. Christians associate the white peace lily with Virgin Mary. So they often associate the Easter holiday with this flower and send them to those who lost their loved ones around Easter.


Another flower type suitable for funerals and expressing sympathy is the Gladiolus. It represents heroism and derives from the word “gladius,” meaning sword. You can get a bouquet of Gladioli to honor someone for their strength and victory and to show that you are proud of them.


Many European countries use Chrysanthemums solely as flowers for funerals. In the U.S., they symbolize truth, and in Asia, Chrysanthemums mean grief and rebirth. So, you can also choose to get these flowers when you plan to send someone sympathy flowers.


People commonly use carnations for funerals because of their longevity. They represent eternal grief, loyalty, and mourning. White carnations are powerful symbols of death, sadness, respect, and deep sorrow. And pink carnations mean remembrance. Therefore, they are popular funeral flower choices.


Who says roses are only for expressing romantic love! These gorgeous, versatile flowers come in various meanings depending on their hues, and you can use them for funerals too. White roses symbolize innocence, grace, and purity; pink ones represent appreciation and love; red speaks love; yellow represents strong bonds, and dark crimson represents sorrow. You can also add a single rose to a bouquet of other flowers to express your enduring love.

Tulips and Daffodils

These flowers represent new beginnings. People believe them to bring rebirth and hope during tough times. Tulips are found in various colors, each having different meanings: white means forgiveness, yellow means cheerfulness, and red means love. You can select the appropriate ones for your occasion and send them to someone to uplift their spirit.


Orchids can be some of the best flowers to express your enduring love for someone. You can get pink, purple, or white orchids to send someone as sympathy flowers. 


When you want to show your support for a bereaved family, you can send them a hydrangeas bouquet. Although these flowers do not directly relate to funerals, they are appropriate for such occasions. 

It can be hard to say the right thing when everyone is deeply saddened and grieving. Therefore, sometimes it is better to express your sorrow and grief for someone’s loss through empathetic gestures, like giving flowers. If you don’t know which flowers to get, you can ask a florist for advice and arrange a suitable bouquet.

You can opt for any of these flowers to express your love and sympathy during a loss. There are many beautiful bouquets, floral baskets, sprays, centerpieces, and wreaths available for you to buy any time you need them that are perfectly suited as sympathy flowers. If you wish to present someone with a unique and personal bouquet, you can make a custom order too.

Purchasing sympathy and funeral flowers will be a quick and easy process. Florists understand that you might not have the time to shop flowers during such times physically. Therefore, they offer a prompt delivery service that you can opt for when you need flowers quickly or when you want to send them to someone. All you have to do is place an order, give them the address details, and rely on them to fulfill all your flower requirements for the day.

Now that you can shop flowers online, there is no need to worry about going from one shop to another searching for the most suitable flowers for such occasions when looking for sympathy flowers. You have them prepare the most beautiful floral arrangements for you and ensure on-time delivery.

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