Best PowerPoint Tools to Transform A Business Presentation from Boring to Interesting

| Updated on February 14, 2024

With the integration of digital tools in business, PowerPoint presentations have prevailed as the top choice among professionals to sway and impress their audience. With 65% of the population as visual learners, presentations are one of the best audio-visual mediums to disseminate information. A stellar and stunning slide deck can turn mundane office meetings into a lively and interactive session. Corporates can levy PPTs for a multitude of functions be it business proposals, pitch decks, sales reviews, SWOT analysis, marketing strategies, demonstrations. 

But, with 35 million presentations pitched to 500 million people every day, your presentations demand to be top-notch and intuitive. Be it online meetings, webinars and office workspaces, a boring and dull presentation will make your clients doze off within minutes. Statistics reveal that most people tune out of a slide deck after 10 minutes. Imagine putting all that work and creating a flat impression on your stakeholders! What you need are slide decks designed with the best PowerPoint templates to captivate your clients. 

Presentations designed with professionally tailored templates instead of stock ones leave a memorable mark on the minds of your audience. In this post, we will supplement your presentation endeavors through insightful tips and also talk about some of the most popular presentation tools in industries. 

Without further ado, let us delve deep and talk about the best tips for PowerPoint presentations.

Captivating Slide Deck Templates

A business presentation constructed with bewitching templates will suffice your slides with just the right amount of attractiveness. Stock templates with low visual appeal have become cliched and are a thing of the past. The technological era of today commands a slideshow with invigorating and decorous templates for it to be interesting.


Choose a template that upholds the tenets of your brand, advocates your company culture, and structures your ideas beautifully. SlideModel hosts 100% editable modern-era templates to cater to your business essence. 

Blend in Videos and GIFs

Your audience might start to feel fatigued after only a few minutes into the presentation owing to less attention-span. It is why while delivering a slideshow is a requisite for you and your clients to take breaks. Videos and GIFs give that much-needed short interval between your slides and keep it interesting. 

Videos and GIFs capture the attention of your audience immediately and are a lot more relatable than text. Remember to keep your videos short: between one to two minutes and also avoid an overload of GIFs. Incorporate real-life videos of your team’s journey, brand, and success.

The Colour-Scheme Selection

Craft your slides with a striking color palette that aligns with your brand and appeals to your clients. Complementary colors with a high contrast color scheme make your presentation look royal and attractive. Ensure to set your background color to be in contrast with the text written on it to keep it readable. 


Pick warm colors that do not make your audience squint from the glare. A tip here is to make your data visuals more lively and enchanting with color-coding. Use red for losses, yellow for work in progress, and green for profits in your charts and graphs. 

Charts and Graphs as Impactful Data Visuals

For your audience from a non-financial background, the opportunities, benefits, and numbers (OBN) are presented best through data visuals. Color-coded charts, flowcharts, tables, diagrams, and timelines are consummate to project the company statistics and data. Your investors and clients will interpret the financial information with visuals easily.

You can leverage dynamic business intelligence tools like Power BI to create splendid data visuals and import them in PowerPoint. Present quarterly sales reports, profit-loss statistics, product pricing data, and make the numbers more digestible for everybody. 

Bring Life to your Slides with Animations and Transitions 

Animations and transitions when employed sparingly ingrain your slides with the life that they need. A brilliant trick here is to integrate animations in your data visuals like charts to highlight the critical data on them. 3D animations and slide transitions proffer a movement to your slide content which is liked by the audience. 

Keep in mind that you only want to stick to one animation type per presentation. Having elements fly in from all different directions can turn out to be a disaster and can easily overwhelm your audience. Slide transitions employed should be smooth as well. 

The Power of Visuals

All text and no visuals steer a presentation towards sure-shot boredom. The purpose of a PPT is to dazzle your audience with your creative skills. Chuck the idea of inserting only text in your slides which gives out the impression of writing an essay. Rather, complement your text with images, iconography, and mind-blowing visuals. 

Superior graphics, HD images, and bold illustrations that meet your brand’s aesthetics will make your slide deck instantaneously successful with your audience. Do you know that the human brain processes a visual in as little as 13 milliseconds? Right from the beginning, we’ve been programmed to get allured by visuals. Non-blurred and appropriately handpicked imagery acts as a brilliant visual aid for your audience.

Now that we are enlightened with some intuitive tips to design interesting business presentations, let us find out which software or tools are best to compose them. 

SlideModel, a Software as a Service (SaaS) offers exquisite slide templates if you are looking to craft awe-inspiring and one-of-a-kind slide decks to stand out from your competitors. Construct stunning presentations with 20,000+ corporate-ready templates from SlideModel. 

From Marketing to Strategy, Business to Finance, SWOT to PESTEL, SlideModel has it all. Add five stars to your business slide decks with its alluring charts, maps, diagrams, chronological timelines, shapes, infographics, and much more. With 100% editable templates, customize color-schemes, backgrounds, typography, and graphics as desired. Save your precious time with its charming templates and build a PPT in no time.  


Another tool to create brilliant presentations is Visme. Leverage thousands of eye-catching customizable templates with its built-in software. It hosts a collection of graphics, icons, and royalty-free images to spruce up your presentation. Its pre-built text box, charts, and graphs have a wide variety of formatting styles to suit your taste.

45% of presenters find it difficult to choose a creative layout for their business presentation that ends up as drab and boring. With easy-to-use flowcharts, GIFs, templates, audio-visuals, Visme is your key to transform your content into fascinating slides. It is incorporated with colors, logos, and illustrations that are on-brand for your corporation. Accentuate your brand consistency via PPTs with its business version. 


Prezi is a magnificent template-based presentation tool for your business presentation to be engaging and intriguing. This software comes with three options- Prezi Design, Prezi Present, and Prezi Video. Prezi design’s drag-and-drop editor creates professional-looking charts, reports, maps, dashboards, and infographics in your slides. 

Add animated GIFs, custom animations, animated graphs, and add filters to your content to impress and motivate your audience creating a resonating impact. Create and share data-driven content to simplify ideas, increase your reach, and boost your audience engagement. With Prezi Present you also get an overall tracking feature to switch between slides for viewers to track the important points. is a presentation tool that assists you to create beautiful slides with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It means that your presentation will look professional every single time, regardless of who designs it. All that is required is to add smart slides, plug in your content, and select different preset layouts.

Create beautiful pitches and proposals, collaborate with your peers in real-time, and fuse your slides with millions of modern photos and icons. Import videos from YouTube, Vimeo and add GIFs to embed in your slides. Cater them graphics-friendly rather than text-friendly for attractiveness. Choose from vivacious pre-built professional templates and use its third-party integrations with Dropbox and Slack for a seamless business slide. 


Pitcherific is your go-to software to create marvelous business presentations. It offers a plethora of professional publications like business cards, resumes, templates, and newsletters packed with enticing pre-designed templates. Pitcherific is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to exhibit their data in a professional and specialized way. 

In every pitch deck, it is imperative to hook your audience from the start to the end for them to be interested in your brand. With Pitcherific, grant all your business presentations with a zeal of interest. Pitcherific includes customizable template features, a time clock trait to track your slides, and the signature feature of flexibility design for flawless presentations that are not text or image-heavy. 

Engaging the audience and creating an enjoyable experience for them is vital for all PowerPoint presentations. The tips and tools listed above can go a long way in reaching your business goals. Employ them to craft gripping presentations today.

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