8 Backlink Building Strategies for Your Web Pages in 2020

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Why 8? It is supposed to be 150+ link building strategies, isn’t it? Well, yes, there are numerous high-quality, backlink building strategies. However, these eight are the most basic as well as essential to rank your web pages in the search engines.

  1. Strategic Guest Blogging
  2. Guest post on a trusted site is the most popular backlink building SEO strategy in the blogging business. Your guest post in a similar interest blog can enhance 55% more visitors and 87% inbound links.

    It is better to target blogs that will both post and anchor the text to send traffic. If the owner or publisher of the external site also promotes and shares your post, it will be more effective.   

    Target high ranked pages for posting the blog post. It will rank your page higher with more authority and less effort. 

  3. Check what the competitors doing and replicate
  4. When it is about backlink building strategies, you need to know how and which useful links are doing the magic for your competitor’s websites. Besides, you need to replicate if the strategy is also applicable to your sites.

    Spying on your competitor’s site is easy now. Use any of the search engine marketing tools and put the keywords you are competing for. The name of your top-ranked competitors will be there.  

    Now, you have to find how many links your competitors have to gain referral traffic. If those referral sites have higher domain authority, then that’s it.  This is the ranking factor to keep the competitor’s web sites on top ranking.  

    When you know the links pointing higher traffic to your rival sites, you have won half of the battle. Now, use social media to connect with those influential sites. Active engagement and communication will help you to get links to your website from them. 

  5. Infographics can be important
  6. It may sound a bit old school; however, Infographics still have a significant impact on high-quality backlinks link building strategy. It generates organic traffic for your web pages.

    The guest posts and blogs may be veterans in the field of link building techniques. However, the infographics alone can develop 37.5% more backlinks than those veterans. 

    Unlike any text, any meticulously designed infographics with catching visuals will work. And who doesn’t know that a picture can say a thousand words?    

  7. Social Media Engagement 
  8. Engagement on Social Media is the game-changer in today’s search result ranking. Your activity on social media leaves a significant impact on your backlink building SEO strategy.

    Share new images, Infographics, posts, and updates in social media with a link to your site. This will not only boost the engagement but will also generate referral traffic to your web sites.

    This engagement will make the viewers share your updates and posts. Think about how a piece of content in the post will generate massive traffic into your sites.    

  9. Links from Trusted and Quality sites 
  10. It is always best to create backlinks from sites ranked higher than yours. It indicates the reliability of your website and contents. Besides, it helps your site to rank higher in the search results.

    One of the best ways to get backlinks from quality sites is to link them relevantly to your posts. Later, communicate with them to let them know how you have used their articles. It will be much easier to know if they can make their viewers know about your work. 

    It’s a win-win situation for both parties. 

  11. Broken Link can join many
  12. Do you have a hectic marketing schedule and have no time to develop content? Then this is the best backlinks building strategy for you.

    The process is simple, find the dead links in blog posts and replace those links with your own but relevant content. Contact the owner of the blog to do these link replacements. 

    This is one of the most effective backlink building SEO strategies.

  13. Keep the track 
  14. You probably have hundreds of links that point towards your web pages. Now, you can relax and enjoy yourself. However, this is not the case. You need to track your backlinks regularly. 

    Other sites will remove your links as you do not have any control over them. Thus, after a few months, you may be surprised to see only a handful of links are there that link to your site. 

  15. Get it from an inferior site

Yes, it is true. Sometimes, links from low-ranked sites can enhance your backlink building strategies. Just let them know you have a tremendous relevant piece of content. 

Don’t buy, Build Links 

Buying links may be easy, but it will work against you. Google will penalize any purchased link. Therefore, it is better to develop high-quality backlinks using those eight strategies.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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