Are Virtual Phones Safe to Use?

| Updated on March 27, 2024

The phone number in the modern world is literally one of the most basic elements of personalization and identification. Almost every person on the planet has own number, or even more than one, and uses it for various purposes and life issues: mobile communications, registration on various platforms, use as a binding for various accounts and emails, and much more. In addition, absolutely all social networks now require verification of identity using a phone number, and often to have multiple accounts you need to use a different phone number. This is where virtual number come to the rescue, which you can use to register new profiles, accounts, or emails.

Another reason that can become really decisive is the preservation of anonymity. Many people prefer not to indicate their personal numbers in various applications or on websites so that this information does not fall into open and closed databases. A virtual SIM card will also help you here. This is a safe and proven way, but let’s look at even more advantages and nuances that exist on this issue.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

In order to immediately identify all the necessary concepts, it is worth understanding what a virtual number is and how it differs from a regular phone number. Of course, if you google virtual phone numbers, you’ll probably get more information, but here is a basic, that you need to understand. This is essentially a set of numbers that allows you to receive information, SMS, data, and so on in the online space without the need for a physical SIM card. And this, respectively, is the difference – all information about this card is not stored on a chip in plastic, but on a server on the Internet. Thus, it greatly simplifies life and allows you to have a lot of advantages for those who use virtual SIM cards:

  • Easy and fast registration on sites and platforms where a phone number is requested
  • Ability to create multiple accounts at once
  • Anonymity and secure use of the number
  • Affordable pricing policy
  • You can choose a telephone number from any country you need 
  • The virtual phone number for business can help you to find new clients among foreigners 

An interesting and useful option is also that you can test such a number absolutely free of charge and understand all the benefits for yourself on a personal example. And only if such a service suits you, you can pay for its use.

How do I Get a Virtual Phone Number?

Getting a virtual phone number is quite easy and fast. You can find many platforms that provide such a service and choose the most secure and proven one for yourself. All you need to do is register on the platform and get access to the database of numbers – both paid and free. Here are the simple steps described in more detail:

  1. Register on the site you have chosen
  2. Choose the number type you are interested in
  3. Set the necessary settings so that the number suits you completely according to your needs
  4. Set up call forwarding if needed
  5. Pay for site services
  6. Use with pleasure and enjoy the result

Can I Create a Virtual Phone Number?

It will be more difficult to generate your own phone number for virtual users, but the advantage is that the selection of numbers is really quite large and you can definitely find something suitable for yourself. In addition, some platforms offer a large number of additional optional services. For example, a rather important point is the presence of a virtual office that can perform the functions of a real office! Or the presence of a mobile application in which you can replenish your account, select numbers, and change tariff plans.

virtual sim

What is the Best Virtual Phone Service

We advise you to choose a site that you will use solely based on your needs. You should analyze the package of services that the platform provides, and compare the pricing policy, the offered range of numbers, and countries. This is really very important and affects the quality of the service and the reliability of the platform. 

For example, the Telnum platform is distinguished by exceptional performance and positive feedback from real customers, and this is not surprising – you just have to look at the site and analyze the services offered. Among them is the possibility of musical accompaniment of beeps, call recording, the presence of a black list and favorite contacts, a convenient menu, and much more. See for yourself.

sms virtual number


We hope that this information has helped you become more familiar with such a concept as a virtual number and convinced you of the safety and reliability of their use. The main thing is to trust the right company and get the most opportunities for reasonable money.

Chitra Joshi

Content Writer & Marketer

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