8 of the Best Roles to Consider in Cybersecurity (Plus Average Salary)

| Updated on February 13, 2024

With the increasing dependence on technology, securing data has become vital for organizations. Therefore, now is a great time to be considering a career in cybersecurity.

Better yet, cybersecurity is a sphere that is made up of multiple roles with promising prospects and handsome salaries if you get bachelors degree in cybersecurity

Your responsibility does not just end with the inspection and management. In fact, as an engineer and security architect, you will be required to come up with innovative, customized solutions for any particular business. 

The training and qualification for becoming a cyber expert is just one part of the job. With experience, your work will be highly valuable in the most demanding industries.

From analysts to architects, let’s look at some of the best positions that you might want to consider, and what you’ll earn if you do. 

Information Security Analyst

As an information security analyst, your responsibility involves designing and implementing secure measures to protect a company’s computer systems and networks.

You will also be responsible for responding to any security breaches that may infiltrate the systems. This is a highly sought-after job due to the significant need for businesses to secure their information assets.

In terms of remuneration, you are expected to earn on average $112,000 annually, as per stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Cybersecurity Engineer

As a cybersecurity engineer, your main task is to build systems strong to ward off digital attacks. You will monitor these systems for any weaknesses or breaches.

These works require high technical expertise and a proactive problem-solving ability. Due to the complexity and importance of this job, you can expect a minimum salary of about $101,000 per annum as reported by Payscale’s recent figures.

Working in this capacity adds tremendous value to your career progression within cybersecurity while providing financial stability as well. 

Entry-level cybersecurity positions require only a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Whereas, mid-level positions require an associate’s degree in computer science, one year of experience, and a course in a specialized education field. 

Cyber Security Consultant

As a cybersecurity consultant, your job is to evaluate, advise, and guide companies in safeguarding their digital infrastructure. 

This involves identifying vulnerabilities, implementing reliable solutions, and creating policies that ensure ongoing protection against cyber threats. What makes this post desirable is its strategic importance combined with technical know-how. 

In order to secure their vast collection of data many brands hire a cybersecurity company to safeguard their business. This is a vital step that small ventures can also partake in the initial stages to expand their branches in the future. 

According to Talent.com’s data analysis, a pay scale for a cybersecurity consultant revolves around $133,000 per annum, making it both a rewarding and influential career choice within the field of cybersecurity.

Penetration Tester

As a penetration tester, your job is to intentionally hack systems in order to find and address specific vulnerabilities. It’s hard not to see the thrill in being ‘allowed’ to break into networks without severe consequences.

Professionals with expertise in identifying loopholes have great earning potential in pen testing. This work is often regarded as one of the most exciting responsibilities within online safety due to its unique nature.

Cyber Security Jobs estimates that the earning potential in pen testing is typically $88,000 annually, another indication of the significant demand for professionals in this particular field of cyber defense.

Forensic Computer Analyst

As a forensic computer analyst, you are responsible for examining illegal activities and cybercrimes. This involves collecting and analyzing data from computer systems to unravel details about online threats or other incidents. Your detective-like skillset will make you a necessary asset in every organization operating digitally.

Glassdoor’s salary reports suggest that the average pay for this job stands at approximately $86,000 annually. With experience and specialization, however, your earnings can substantially exceed this primary figure, signifying strong financial prospects within digital forensics. 

With progressive countries like the U.S. infiltrated with hackers and online threats to banks, it isn’t surprising that the cyber security services market size is in demand now and will continue till 2028 as per expert industry predictions. Take a look at the graph below. 

North America Cyber Security Service Market Size from 2016-2028. 

Alt Tag: North America Cyber Security Service Market Size from 2016-2028. 

Incident Responder

If you become an incident responder, your job will more or less resemble a digital-first aider. Whenever cyber incidents or hacking take place, it’ll be your responsibility to contain the situation and minimize damage. Technical agility combined with strong crisis management skills are vital facets of this role.

According to ZipRecruiter’s latest estimates, incident responders can expect annual earnings around the $128,000 mark, which is a figure that reflects how relevant this job has become to modern business.

Chief Information Security Officer

The job of a chief information security officer (CISO) is strategic and visionary. You’ll be leading your organization’s cybersecurity initiatives, creating policies, and providing oversight to ensure that all safety measures are effective and cyber security compliant. As a result, this position calls for vast experience in the field and solid leadership skills.

Given its top-level executive status within business hierarchies, basic pay is substantial, going up to about $240,000 per annum according to the statistics provided by Salary.com. As such, while it might take time to reach this stage, once there, both the recognition and the remuneration could be truly outstanding.

Security Architect

As a security architect, you will devise complex security structures to counter potential cyber-attacks. You’d work closely with other IT professionals in order to design and implement hackless network provisions effectively. It is the essential component of modern cybersecurity infrastructure to protect your privacy while using internet, starting online business, and more.

With your architectural vision having an instrumental role in securing digital assets, remuneration tends to be rewarding too. Data from Glassdoor suggests that the average yearly pay of a safety architect is about $149,000, making this another lucrative prospect within cybersecurity careers should this align with your interests and skill set.

Wrapping Up

Even the lowest cybersecurity responsibility is well paid, so whatever type of job grabs your attention, you can be confident that the pay packet you receive each month will be sizable enough to make up for all the hard work and pressure involved.

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