The Aftermath of Motorcycle Accidents You Should Know

| Updated on March 21, 2024

Motorcycles give an exhilarating and thrilling ride, and are one of the most common causes of accidents throughout the world. It is statistically proven that bikes are a dangerous vehicle.

Accidents from a motorcycle can lead from minor injuries to even death, and often it is not only the rider who’s at risk as people around the accident scene can be injured as well. Here we look at some of the scenarios that can happen right after a motorcycle accident. Again we will discuss what to do and not to do after the incident.

What Happens Right After a Motorcycle Accident?

Right after a motorcycle accident, you may get minor injuries and go home with an on-call doctor waiting to treat you. However, everything is not settled right away. It is important to contact an adjuster from the other side’s insurance company. But be smart not to answer any query without a consultation from your attorney.

Furthermore, it is essential to keep a detailed record of all the damages to claim compensation. Along with these, injuries can be chronic, which can be realized after some time. So while you’re at home, be prepared to feel any mild to severe pain after a few days of the accident.

You can also wake up at the hospital right after a motorcycle crush occurred. You should be cautious about your health insurance and always be sure what is paid for and what is not. The medical service also offers social worker contact, so talking to them is also vital to minimize treatment payment.

Finally, waking up on a hospital bed might mean that the injury is severe, and you must always be prepared mentally to fight and recover for your betterment.

Things to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Here is a list of to-dos after you’ve experienced an accident which can prove life saving for you and others involved.

Check Yourself and Others

The first thing to do is immediately call 911 if you are conscious. You should also check around to ensure that no-one else got injured or was hit. Make sure you do not disturb the serenity and system of traffic in the area.

Take Photos

You should take as many pictures as possible if you have a functioning phone. The pictures can work as evidence in claiming any kind of insurance payment and compensation.

Get Information about the Other Party

If the accident involves another person or vehicle, get the detailed insurance information of that car or motorcycle and any personal data of the person driving. bike accidents often leave no trail so that this information can be valuable in future references.

Gather Information

In case there was no necessity to call 911, you should still go to the local police store and file a report of the accident. The document can be proof of any legal case in the future and can protect you from legal rights. Also, speak with witnesses and other drivers to ensure that you have the necessary information and claim to file compensation.

Call Your Attorney

Finally, it is vital to call either a motorcycle accident attorney or consult a personal injury lawyer regardless of the severity of the accident. An attorney can save you the trouble of falling into the legal trap, and also make sure you have the rightful amount of money claimed from your insurance provider.

Who’s at Fault of the Bike Accident?

It is often assumed that an accident happens due to high speed or recklessness, but it is overlooked that accident occurs due to passersby not seeing them and other vehicle driver’s negligence.

People often jump to the conclusion that the fault is the motorcyclist’s and blame it on them. But, statistics show that other’s negligence is mostly the primary reason behind motorcycle mishap. So, you can also claim compensation under Motor vehicle accident claims fund act and insurance payment with proper evidence and support by the help of an accident lawyer.


Motorcycle accidents can be very different as compared to other heavy vehicle collisions. Things are not very smooth, and often lack of evidence can lead to unpaid compensation and insurance claim. To have a safe and sound ride, motorcyclists should be careful and remember the importance of always having a personal accident attorney or injury lawyer available on call.

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