Technical Guide: Electric Scooter Tires

| Updated on March 21, 2024
Electric Scooter Tires

Current electric scooters, especially adults electric scooters, have significant advantages in ultra-short-distance travel. They are standing driving, compact and light, and suitable for traveling in small spaces. Compared with ordinary electric vehicles, the car body is already very light and can be easily transported, and it can even be stored in the trunk of a private car. So currently foldable electric scooter for adults is more popular. After traveling to the destination, it can be taken out and used when there is a need for transportation. With the continuous improvement of the urban public transportation system, many people have begun to consider using this light electric scooter for short-distance transportation from home to the bus station and transfer in the public transportation system. Many people are also worried. Because the area of the front wheel of the electric scooter in contact with the ground is reduced and the front wheel is not firmly gripped, it is considered that the driving stability and safety of the electric scooter are poor. In fact, the current technology has completely overturned this concern, so if the electric scooter can be driven stably on various road conditions, the tire is one of the very important factors.

1. The Size of the Tire:

There are currently 6-inch PU solid tires, 8-inch PU solid tires, 8-inch pneumatic tires, 8-inch tubeless tires, and 10-inch pneumatic tires on the market. Fewer people use 38-40mm wheels, and the wheels start and accelerate quickly but have low stamina and are suitable for very flat roads. Wheels of 45mm-50mm are the most suitable wheels for road types. 52-60mm wheels are more suitable for use on various props. Varla’s Eagle One chose 10-inch tires, while the other Pegasus used 8-inch tires. These two sizes are not only suitable for flat surfaces; some steep slopes and bumpy roads can be controlled.

2. Tire Type:

The tires of electric scooters on the market are divided into two types: pneumatic tires and solid tires.

Varla’s Eagle One is a pneumatic tire. This type of tire is one of the best quality. It leaks slowly after being punctured and does not burst instantly. It provides driving safety. It can be repaired with tire repair fluid. It is simple and convenient. However, generally only for large wheel diameters. 

The other solid tire is used on Varla Pegasus. It does not need to be repaired and is not afraid of puncture. Although the shock absorption effect is not as good as that of pneumatic tires, it can fully meet off-road needs.

tires of electric scooters

3. Cushioning and Shock Absorption

Many roads have gravel or pits, which affect the everyday driving of the skateboard. At this time, the tire will play its role so that the skateboard can move forward in a more comfortable situation. The skateboard can move forward easily because the tires are made of elastic rubber, and the air shock absorption function inside the tires can move forward easily!

4. Bearing Load

Whether a car is its own weight, passengers, or loads, the weight must be transmitted to the tires through the body, and the tires carry everything. Therefore, the tires play a very important role in carrying. Varla’s Eagle One can carry 330 pounds, while Varla Pegasus has 280 pounds. These are all tires.

5. Change Direction

The direction change of the electric scooter is done by the tires, which will change the direction of travel according to the driver’s wishes! Because of these functions of tires, the scooter can drive safely and comfortably on uneven roads, so tires are essential in auto parts! The wider and larger tires can enhance the friction so that the conversion direction can ensure safety and make quick judgments.

6. Wear Marks

There will be a wear mark at the bottom of the tire groove to remind you that if the tire pattern is worn below this position, you must replace the tire. If you do not replace it, the drainage capacity of the tire will be reduced, the grip of the vehicle will be reduced, and the situation of out of control slipping will easily occur. The tire must be stopped when it is worn to the wear limit mark. Data shows that the tread depth is less than 1.6 mm as the wear limit. For example, if the tire has bulged, or if the tire has been repaired 3 times or more, and the broken air leak exceeds 4, the tire should be replaced in time. The tire is already in an unreliable state. Forced use. In case of a puncture, it is very serious. Affecting driving safety, when the wheel is deformed, it will be more expensive to replace it, spend a small amount of money to save a lot of money, let alone take your own life as a bet! Varla puts a link to the tire very intimately on the official website. If your tire is damaged, you can buy and replace it yourself, which is very convenient.

After reading this article, I hope that this article excludes some options for you when choosing an electric scooter.

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