Moving to a New Building: A Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Office

| Updated on March 21, 2024

If you’re moving to a new office, the process is quite involved. It doesn’t just entail packing some boxes and moving to the next building. You have to prepare and plan. Therefore, it’s important to organize everything so the move is an easy transition. So, how do you make this happen? The following information will give you some details so you know how to set up your office and move without distraction. 

Outline What Needs to Take Place: Develop a Timeline

The first important step is to outline what needs to take place. Therefore, you need to prepare a schedule. This part of the move is highly important. By developing a 6-month timeline, your plans will more easily fall into place.

Plan Your Moving Budget

You will also need to know how much you can spend when planning your move. Break down the costs for transportation and the moving materials. You’ll also need to know how much you’ll need to spend to connect to the Internet and establish your landline connections.

Create a Moving Checklist

Once you’ve determined how many days you’ll need for your move, you can create a checklist. On the checklist, you’ll want to include the following activities:

  • Reschedule conferences or meetings, as needed
  • Contact vendors and moving companies
  • Designate the employees who will take charge of the move for each department
  • Send out regular memos about the move – keep all employees informed
  • Determine what to pack and inventory the items
  • Buy packing materials

Other Things to Consider 

Look Over Your Current Lease

You will also need to re-read your lease. Check the requirements for moving out of your current office space. Are tenants responsible for any damage? Also, are you moving before your lease’s expiration date? If so, will it cause you to forego your deposit?

Plan and Organize Your Move into Your  New Building

Next, you’ll need to plan for your move into your new office space. Get a map so you can determine where everything will go so you can determine how and where you’ll move your equipment and furnishings.

Buy Cat6 Plenum Cables for Your Internet Connections

It’s important to know how you’ll set up your computers so you can install the Cat6 plenum cables for your Internet connections.

When you inventory your furnishings and equipment, you’ll, without a doubt, find some items you no longer need. Decide on how you will remove them – through donations, recycling, or other means.

Pack Each Day Until the Move Date

Also, it helps to keep packing until the moving day. Don’t wait until the last minute and scramble to get everything packed.

Don’t Forget the Labeling

Also, don’t forget the labeling – make sure you know what is in each box and mark where it will go in your new office.

Make a Commitment to Do What You Plan

You can make moving easier following the tips above. Planning is only part of the equation. You also must make a commitment to realize a successful move.

John M. Flood

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