Top 6 Reasons to Get Motorized Window Shades

| Updated on July 7, 2023

Empty windows can be an eyesore, and that is why people buy curtains and shades. But when outfitting your windows, you should look to getting motorized shades for increased functionality and convenience. Instead of having to operate your windows by hand, you can operate them automatically with remote control. This is also great for extra larger or hard to reach windows. Let’s learn about a few other reasons why you should get motorized window shades.

  1. They are reliable

It’s been indicated that mechanized blinds and shades are utilized many times more than customary shades. Furthermore, mechanized shades last longer! What this means is that traditional blinds or shades often go unused as it is difficult for someone to adjust the entire house multiple times a day. With motorized shades, you can set schedules for optimal light setting and energy efficiency throughout the home.

  1. Getting the best wake-up call

You are welcomed every day to the rising sun by setting your room shades to open during the morning. We can even add a mechanized tilt to the most famous artificial wood blinds, so your blinds will tilt open at whatever point your alarm goes off toward the beginning of the beautiful day.

  1. Provides child safety

Without wires or hanging lift cords, these windows are safer than regular blinds. You won’t need to stress over kids or pets getting tangled in strings, and your stylistic layout won’t be upset by the dangling lines. Kids and pets are attracted to pull the strings of customary shades, with these latest shades, there will be no strings to pull.

  1. You will get privacy whenever you want

You love your vaulted roofs, yet maybe that lookout window could utilize a touch of tidying up. A mechanized framework with an exceptional shade is an easy answer for bay windows, tall windows, and other kinds of windows! Don’t you sometimes wish you can simply use Graber remote programming and close your window blinds for complete privacy? All things considered, with mechanized blinds, you can surely do that.

  1. They are energy saving and even work with different latest techs and apps as well

Consequently, shutting your shades when it’s blisteringly hot in the summer will help keep your home more comfortable and even help save energy. By helping to block the heat at certain times of day, they will help reduce your reliance on your air conditioning system. They can even be controlled using voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice control.

  1. Protect your furniture and skin or eyes from UV rays

With these motorized blinds and shades, you will be able to protect your eyes and skin and even increase the lifespan of your furniture as they help block dangerous UV rays from entering your home. 

Bhavya Singh

Social Media & Lifestyle Expert

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