Why Does Every Shopify Store Need a Mobile App?

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Technological advancements have made the use of smartphones dominant, with a strong presence in practically every area of daily life. Companies and businesses are investing large sums of money and resources in in-app and web development since consumers prefer to purchase via smartphones.

The retail industry has also caught on to the trend. Shopify is a fantastic platform for selling straight to clients without the use of a middleman. It completely removes all physical barriers. If you’re currently selling online via Shopify, owning an online store is a terrific place to start, but a website alone, even if it’s mobile-friendly, is only the beginning. Your Shopify store, regardless of what you’re selling or what industry you’re in, needs a mobile app. Let’s have a look at the reasons why it’s so important.

Improves Sales

A Shopify app can be your greatest chance for improving Shopify store revenue. The mobile app stays in front of your clients at all times. It invites them to shop from your store whenever they open their phones to look for a new product. You can even use advanced analytics to see what’s driving traffic in and out of your Shopify store to make informed marketing decisions.

Assists in Providing Personalized Experience

According to studies, people prefer native apps that offer a more personalized shopping experience than online stores or mobile websites. Using an App builder like Pocketfied, you can create an ideal app for providing customized service to your store’s users. By the way, the app collects their, resulting in customized material delivered to the appropriate customers.

Enhances User Experience

Even if you have a responsive online Shopify store, the browser will request the customer to sign in to their account before proceeding with their purchase. The user information is saved in the app when it comes to mobile apps, so users only have to sign in once after downloading it.

Because consumers don’t have to sign in every time they shop, the ease of use and, as a result, user satisfaction is higher. Compared to a website, the mobile app allows users to navigate between several tabs, making navigation and overall user experience easier.

Effective Channel for Marketing

Mobile apps allow you to provide users with a single omnichannel experience. Apps can provide social media integration, which mixes several client engagement channels. When special deals and sales are available at your Shopify store, geofencing and push notifications directly display this information on your user’s smartphone. This, in turn, leads to a more engaged consumer base.

Consumers prefer and give favorable feedback to brands that provide exceptional after-sales services. Your Shopify app might be the most effective means of resolving user grievances.

Effortless Checkout Process

The most common problem that Shopify store owners experience is cart abandonment. If an eCommerce platform’s checkout procedure appears to be lengthy, buyers are more likely to abandon their purchase.

By making the checkout process dynamic, mobile apps enhance the customer experience. You can easily give several payment choices, resulting in quick transaction processing. By providing faster authentication, security features can help remove friction from the checkout and payment process.

Facilitates Customer Loyalty

You can seamlessly communicate with your consumers via a mobile app. Users are considerably more likely to contact your business daily because of your mobile app’s convenience and personalized experience. Also, push notifications, which are more effective than emails, can be a strong ally in helping you interact with your customers directly.

Helps to Connect with Millennials

Millennials are always with their phones in hand nowadays. It’s not surprising that they’re huge spenders who shop on their phones. The Shopify Mobile app acts as an important channel for them to purchase your products and aids as a terrific marketing tool.

Increases the Visibility of Your Brand

Branding is all about marketing the qualities of your business/product that your customers enjoy. It entails promoting your product’s uniqueness, which no other product on the market can match. The core of branding is efficient communication with your target audience through the appropriate communication channels.

A mobile app is a direct extension of your Shopify store’s brand. Your company’s logo is always shown on users’ smartphones, thanks to your Shopify app. Your brand gains ultimate and long-lasting recognition without any additional investment.


Smartphones have permanently altered the way we purchase, make decisions, and do business. Mobile apps allow you to provide your customers with an unrivaled omnichannel experience. Mobile apps may significantly improve user experience and, as a result, client retention and revenue by exploiting phone-native functionalities such as GPS and camera. As a result, Shopify store owners should consider including a mobile app to generate revenue and stay ahead of the competition.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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