Why Horse Rugs are Necessary?

| Updated on February 24, 2024

When the seasons change to a lower or higher degree, horses are sensitive as they may become ill. Protecting them from the drastic drop in temperature will prevent sickness. Rugs shield horses from dire weather conditions and other climate conditions. Regulating their bodies’ warmth is important to maintain the stability of their health. 


Rugging is as important as any other care practice for horses. It can be vital in keeping them disease-free and healthy. Caribu horse rugs and accessories can help keep your horse in tip-top shape.  

Protection from Weather

An appropriate type of rug for horses is necessary during hot, rainy, or cold seasons. It is protection from external elements that could jeopardize the animal’s well-being. For winter, a heavyweight rug is recommended to help regulate their body temperature. When rainy days come, a waterproof sheet must be draped and covered. 

Finally, a UV protection sheet is recommended in hot and humid weather and to get cool and breathable material rugs under the sun. 

Decreased Feeding Cost

When winter arrives, horses need to intake more food and feed twice or more times than the regular amount they consume. The reason behind it is that this will help raise body temperature to keep them warm. Having a heavyweight rug over their statures should help generate heat and warmth enough for them to consume regular portions of food on a normal day.

Repels Pesky Insects

Bots, lice, biting flies, and midges pose a challenge and threat to the horse’s welfare. It can cause these big mammals to have inflammatory diseases and swelling. On the other hand, during wet and moist seasons, the damp atmosphere opens a variety of exposure to bacterial infections. 

Keeping an extra layer of protection on these horses can prevent unwanted incidents from insects and harmful organisms.

Maintains Coat

Horses have an amazing innate sense of growing their coats rapidly in time for the winter season. Due to the change in days, their bodies adjust, which automatically causes them to grow coats faster to keep them warm. Save time and resources by wrapping them with protective rugs. 

Using a light horse rug before the cold days helps them keep the length of their coat at bay. Alternatively, keeping them under the lights tricks the horse’s bodies into thinking that it is still day.  

No Dirty Particles

These added mantels of protection on the horse’s body keep unknown objects from getting in their bodies. Since they are on dirt paths, dusty places, and muddy ground, filthy particles hover around them. Avoid exposure to harmful debris. Use a rug that can serve as a primary coat to ensure a clean and unsullied coat. 

Reasons for Rugging

A variety of causes can be addressed by rugging. Mainly for protection and maintaining the welfare of the horse. Listed are as follows:


Loaded in a trailer or lorry, horses can catch on with the chilly winds and contract an illness. They usually move around to prevent that from happening, but since they are in transportation, they need another alternative to prevent them from getting cold.


During these events, they need regulated bodily temperatures because climates can differ from one place to another. 

Cool Down

On the contrary to always keeping warm for the cold season, sweaters and cooling rugs also exist to help horses dry out the moisture from the sweat accumulated from an exercise or a heavy activity.

After Clipping

Since shedding some of their coats causes decreased insulation for their bodies, a rug will help them work on the maintenance of body heat.


There are many things to be kept away from the horse so as not to contract harmful diseases. These are the factors where rugs help keep away:


Insects flutter around horses, and it’s not good to have them bitten and infected by bad organisms. 

Ultraviolet Rays

Sunburns can also happen to these animals, especially pale-skinned ones. Use rugs to protect them from heat and UV rays.


To maintain body temperature from weather conditions. Rugs shield horses from those and protect them from intense sun and heat, heavy rain, chilly winds, snow, and other climate factors.

Types of Rug

Here are some common rugs used and what they are best used for.

Turnout Rugs

These offer a wide range of protection against different harsh weather situations. Usually worn to the horse when trudging outdoors in dire seasons. Its material is usually a wax-proofing canvas that repels wet or moist substances that could come in contact with the horse’s skin. 

Mesh Rugs

Commonly used during summer to repel horses from insects like biting flies and midges. Typically used when horses are grazing outdoors where unknown bugs are flying everywhere. Light and breathable, this is made from polyester mesh.

Stable Rugs

These are used indoors only when horses are newly clipped and should be protected from the weather. Typically only lightweight, its material is made from cotton.


Only applicable to wear on horses every summer. Keep horses away from the weather’s heat; a sheet rug will do wonders for UV protection and sunburn risks. It keeps them cool and dust-free. Also made from lightweight materials, usually cotton or waterproof polyester fabric.


After exercise, coolers are ensued because of the increased body temperature of the horse from an exercise or intense activity. Fleece is commonly used for making this type of horse rug. 


Horse rugging is important for many reasons, specifically for maintaining the horse’s well-being. Its benefits include disease prevention, physical grooming, hygiene, and dieting. 

Since horses are active outdoors and doing activities, they are exposed to various environments and climate changes. Practicing proper horse care and utilizing accessories that correspond to their needs will keep them in the best shape they could ever be. In this sense, rugging assists these animals in maintaining what needs to be regulated, internally or externally.

Finally, learning which types of rugs go best with the function needed is recommended to aid the horses accurately.



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