Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

| Updated on March 26, 2024

A website is more than the content you see after typing in a URL. It is also the backend, and more specifically, the hosting provider, even in the case of a WordPress site. Therefore, to ensure a website meets the end user’s expectations for fast performance, reliability, and security, users are encouraged to select a targeted WordPress hosting platform

By selecting a web hosting service focused specifically on your content management system, website owners avoid the hassle of navigating through complex servers and gain an all-in-one solution managed by experts in your site’s build.

Optimized User Experience

One of the major advantages is by combining your hosting provider with your content management system, everything related to managing your website will be in a single place. A managed offering means that at no point will a website owner need to switch between different user experiences or navigate alternate setups. Instead, they can access all necessary information from a single location. For new users or those that manage multiple websites, simplifying this management process will only help to improve efficiency.

Access to Up-to-Date Offerings

Going hand in hand with usability is running the most up-to-date WordPress version available. When website owners select managed WordPress Hosting, they can receive core updates, among others, automatically. Automatic updates would save users a significant amount of time that they might otherwise spend coordinating these upgrades.

Alongside the elimination of upgrades are the elimination of plugins. A managed host will usually take care of these optimization opportunities for the website owner. Therefore, any time spent researching and installing plugins or other add ons will no longer be necessary, and websites will perform better as a result. Consider that the simpler the website’s code, the faster it will load, and the better the end-user experience

A Support Team Equipped to Help 

By selecting a web hosting team that is knowledgeable in the nuances of WordPress, website owners will receive better answers to support-related questions as they arise. For example, support teams will likely tell a user the difference between a plugin conflict, a server-level issue, or something that requires just a small tweak on the user’s side. These support teams can also offer guidance, such as a recommended list of settings for a site to run at optimal performance.

Users can expect this additional level of knowledge since support teams will only need to be experienced in one platform rather than many, allowing them to better understand where a user’s concerns might stem from.

Better Security Features

SSL certificates have become a standard among secure websites, often being indicated by the presence of a lock next to the user’s URL or a warning that states a user’s “connection is not secure.” While adding an SSL certificate is possible without managed WordPress hosting, it is often more difficult, adding to the barriers for website owners to leverage proper security practices. 

Consider that the traditional process often required a website owner to navigate between the hosting provider and certificate provider on numerous occasions to properly set it up. In contrast, a WordPress host may distill this process down into the click of a few buttons. In addition to being simplified, the provider may also offer SSL certificates for free.

Staging Area for Website Edits

Websites are far from permanent and will need many edits throughout their lifetime. The caveat is that when a developer is making edits, they should never do them on the production site. After all, one wrong move may result in a website going down or a blank page. To avoid this unfortunate scenario, Managed WordPress hosting will often be offered alongside a staging area, a copy of a user’s website in a development environment, perfect for experiments. With a staging environment, website owners can often avoid the stressful unknowns of recovering lost information from a faulty slip of the finger.

Constant Backups

Losing the entire contents of your website might not be common, but it presents a very real concern that users can consider. Quality managed WordPress hosting providers will often provide functionality for automatic backups at no extra charge, making it increasingly simple for users to always have an up-to-date copy of their information on hand. In contrast, this feature will often come at an extra cost or will require a series of manual steps for the website owner with a traditional offering.


Given the list above, website owners will notice many benefits from choosing a managed WordPress hosting solution. Among them are added efficiency, peace of mind, and an improved user experience.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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