Trading on Mac or Windows – Pros & Cons

| Updated on February 14, 2024

The debate between Macs and Windows, which one is better, is as old as the history of personal computers. And more interesting is that even in 2022, you cannot definitively crown a winner between the two. PC guys swear by its agility, and Mac guys die by its performance. So if you’re looking to get into trading and you’re one of those weird people still on the fence but want the best setup to pair with the best cryptocurrency brokers. Which do you choose? 

Why Macs?

We will not claim to be computer performance connoisseurs or arrogant enough to tell you which one is better. But if you keep reading, we will look at both and some of their cons and pros to hopefully get you going on your decision-making. 

We love Steve Jobs and his contributions to the advancement of technologies that we’ve all come to know and take for granted. Without him and people like Bill Gates, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation, and we feel a deep gratitude to them. Now that the formalities are over let me start by saying Macs are an amazing work of engineering art. 

Furthermore, the brand’s positioning is not only just that of high performance but stylish and gives its users a certain status. And while that’s well and all, how do they perform as a trading platform?

H2 Pros

  1. Good User Experience

Macs are easy to set up and use. For starters, they come in an uncomplicated form factor that holds a computer’s processing bits and monitor in one neat package, which means setting it up on your desk is easy. And it does not stop there; setting up your trading software on a Mack is hustle free, and not to mention, you can go from a cold start to trading in under a minute. 

  1. Reliable

Macs are notoriously reliable over their lifetimes, and you can expect them to still be good workhorses even after a few years. They are also relatively easy to service and maintain, and you shouldn’t have difficulty getting them back online when they break down. 


  1. Expensive

Macs can be expensive to acquire. Furthermore, you might pay more for the same performance as some cheaper Windows PCs if you’re not careful with your purchases. 

  1. Limited Options

Macs do what they do really well, which can slow down the development of many of their products. You will mostly find new features and, in some cases, even more options on Windows than on Macs. 

Why Windows?

If Macs cut with the precision of a scalpel, Windows PCs are your chef’s knives that you’re not scared of throwing around but can still confidently achieve your objectives. They are not as precise as a scalpel, but then again, how many of us are surgeons? But is the knife any good at trading?


  1. Inexpensive

Windows PCs are not that expensive, which means more traders can benefit from the platform. They are also not as intimidating as their counterparts, making them much easier to work with. 

  1. Customisation

If you appreciate building your own PC, then you know what we’re talking about. You can build your PC to fit whatever performance criteria you’re looking for, making your trading much easier and more efficient. This also makes upgrading your system as time goes much more accessible; you can trade components for better ones without replacing the whole system. 


  1. Security

Windows PCs and computers running the Windows operating system are more likely to be attacked by cyber threats than Macs. They are much easier to hack and present a security risk you must consider. 

  1. Slow

Unlike Macs, some Windows PCs can take minutes to start up and get you trading and also suffer from overheating issues that slow them down even further. 

To Sum it Up

What desktop PC you choose to use for your trading is a personal decision you must make as a trader. Fortunately, performance on both sides of the divide is better than ever before, and if you’re keen and know what you’re looking for, you should be okay. Or you can continue the old age tradition by picking one from your side and rub why you think it’s better on the other side’s face.

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