9 Things to Include in Your Employee Resource Portal

| Updated on March 21, 2024

It is a certain thing in this digital age that companies are focused on encouraging the resourcefulness of their team members. To boost productivity, companies are focusing more on improving the employee experience. Hence, introducing an employee resource portal to enhance their experience certainly helps.

An employee portal is a platform that helps employees and team members connect in one place. Day by day, employee resource portals are becoming popular among firms of all sizes. Above all, this platform provides employees to manage tasks on their own. Here is our list of 9 things that your employee resource portal must include. Direct2hr login portal is used by various companies such as Albertsons, Shaw’s, Vons, and Safeway. 

1. Welcome Pack


Introducing a Welcome Pack in the employee resource portal enables employees to observe and notice some minute details that may have gone unnoticed. Once the team members are informed about this, then it’s on them to check out the portal. This way, team leaders won’t have to worry about constantly reminding members about something very basic. This might include basic issues like schedules, clothing standards, work priorities, etc.

2. Employee Handbook

An Employee handbook is definitely a go-to source for a new employee. However, it might be tough for a new hire to learn and process all the new information at once. Hence, an employee handbook in the resource portal will benefit new employees as they can easily read out and go back to the necessary details when needed.

3. Employee Directory

This tool is great for existing as well as new hires. An Employee directory helps team members understand the firm’s working structure and work culture properly. Members can comfortably discover details of their co-workers like email, phone number, address, location, etc.

4. Policy Management

Policies are one of the most necessary parts of any company. Managing documents and forms is crucial for running any successful organization. Thus, introducing a dedicated section for policy management on your employee resource portal is necessarily important. It will help your company to keep all the helpful documents in one place in an organized manner without the fear of misplacing them. In addition, this will also ensure that the employees have access to all the vital information about the company which will also help avoid confusion. 

5. Event Management

Whether it’s a small or a bigger firm, events always take place. It could be a fun event, business or formal event, or anything. And for a successful event, you are required to plan things in advance. Hence, an Event Management section would be a great option to introduce in your Employee Resource Portal. This will ensure that everyone is updated and informed about the upcoming events in an organization. Above all, managing an event becomes easier with Event Management. In addition, this also helps employees keep their energy up in case there is an upcoming fun and exciting event.

Organizations provide certain services by using third-party providers. This is usually done to provide the employees with a certain set of facilities. This could be a medical service, fuel allowance, gym agreement, store coupons, etc. However, in some companies, many employees are unaware or forget about such services that are available for their own good. Hence, providing links to such useful services could be helpful for your team members to access them. 

7. Employee Schedule

Often employees forget to take a break when working continuously, which affects their productivity, and health issues might also occur in the long run. Hence, a dedicated section that can provide your team members with a proper work hour schedule can be very helpful. There are several benefits to a proper schedule, which includes:

  • Get creative with new ideas when needed.
  • Projects will be delivered on time, or before the deadline.
  • Above all, a good schedule will keep your employees healthy which will help the employees as well as the organization.

8. Social Connect

This tool will be helpful if there are employees in an organization that is working from home or any remote place that is far from the office. With a dedicated option of Social Connect, your offshore employees can connect with other employees. In other words, it becomes easier for them to reach their team members virtually, hence, improving the office work culture. This can replace the use of social media by employees to connect with their co-workers which could affect productivity.

9. What’s New


Through this, you can simply keep your team members updated and informed about particular news and updates about your firm. In addition, having a separate What’s New section also makes it easier to share all kinds of news including, promotions, changes in rules, awards, etc.

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Adding the above-written features can perfectly enhance your Employee Resource Portal. Having these helpful and add-on features with the portal will certainly benefit your employees and the office culture as well. If you are facing issues like poor communication among employees, less productivity, and workflow, then you must add these features in the portal. With this, you can simply fulfill the needs of your employees, which will – in return – increase their productivity. 

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