Common Errors to Avoid while Creating a Website?

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Your website is your portal to the world. It has a great impact on how your business will be known by people. To keep them engaged and even subscribed to what you offer, a great website is a non-negotiable aspect of marketing that you should be included in your priorities. This applies especially in the highly-competitive field of medicine or healthcare. Luckily, WebMD Practice Pro is already existing and operating to provide assistance to healthcare providers, doctors, clinics, and even hospitals as they grow their presence in the online world.

What to Avoid When Creating a Website

A website should not be difficult to navigate. It should be user-friendly especially to your target market. Whether being browsed through a computer, tablet, or mobile device, its features should be compatible and easily accessed. Moreover, it is also helpful to include an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section to help your audience have a pleasant experience in visiting your website. Creating a guide for them sets the impression and delivers the message that they are important.

Functionality is also important. Your website should allow your clients to have a full grasp and understanding of what you can offer. Its links and features should be helpful in introducing your brand and what you offer. A complete description of your products and services needs to be present and easily accessed. Hence, information that is not relevant to your company or organization has no place on your website.

Aesthetics is important. Your website should have the perfect balance of being user-friendly and pleasing to the eyes as well. It should consist of a layout that looks good and pleasing so clients can enjoy their time browsing and learning more about your company. Design that is painful to the eyes or difficult to read should be avoided by all means. Since your website is a reflection of your organization, it should be appealing and attractive.

Original content that presents your company values and purpose is also important. Stolen ideas and won’t make your website attractive. You need to have your own fresh, home-grown content that presents who you are, what you do, and what you can offer to your clients. Authentic photos, videos, and articles presented in a structured manner are engaging. These also help in enabling your clients to have a sense of confidence in your products and services.

In most cases, information about location and contact is located at the bottom of a website. You need to include contact details that are updated and if possible, always available to respond to your clients’ inquiries. Other than including reachable contact information, your social media accounts should also be linked to your website. Most people today spend a lot of time on their social media accounts and it is an advantage if you are also reachable and present on different platforms. Your location information matters. Details on your physical offices or branches should be readily available on your website. It is also a plus if it is linked to navigation systems so that your clients can just click the link and be routed to their selected branch or office.

Ads are a known part of almost every website. These should be managed and positioned strategically. Positioning advertisements in places where content about your organization should be located is a mistake. These should not block the space that is intended for your main content. In addition, ads should not intervene in the browsing process of your audience. This could distract and discourage them from visiting your website again.

Your website should present a specific action for your audience to do. Whether it is adding items to their cart, visiting your other social media sites, or going through the other content available on your website, there has to be something that should be done. You are to create a website that should sell your company to your audience. If you are not able to deliver this message to them, the purpose of the website will be defeated. 

Your website needs to be a representation of what your organization is. It needs to present a clear description and illustration of your products and services in a presentable and organized manner. This should be your top priority whenever planning for a website structure and design. What you include and exclude is also crucial. Information that can attract clients has to be positioned strategically on your website. Seeing the important things in the right places or locations is also helpful. In the field of medicine and healthcare, WebMD Practice Pro is a platform that provides guidelines in establishing a strong presence on the internet. 

Attract Patients

Being present on the internet is a great advantage to your medical practice. Through its technology, it can create a website that is fitting to your practice and line of specialization. From creating a website that has attractive features and helpful information about your practice to marketing your practice online, this platform can help entice prospective patients. 

Manage More Appointments

Appointment reminders are also another added feature. Patients can receive updates and timely reminders for their check-ups. This saves both your time as well as theirs as both are ready and prepared beforehand.

Automate Patient Visits

Instead of having to fill out several forms upon arrival at your clinic or hospital, automated forms can be used as an effective alternative. Online forms can be used to check in and reduce the time your front office spends gathering patient data. Patients can consult and talk with their doctors virtually via video calls. 

Engage and retain patients

Email marketing is one of WebMD Pro’s ways of promotion. Different newsletters containing helpful medical information can be sent out to your patients’ personal email. This way, they can feel that they are being looked after by their doctor. Another way to make them stay and be satisfied with your service is by making them feel that you care. This can be done by sending electronic postcards after their appointment schedule.

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