• What Exactly is Face Reading, and Should We all be Getting it Done?

    | Updated on January 16, 2023

    Your face is a map of your internal body that provides an insight into your personality and a picture of your physical and mental wellbeing. Not many people know or even understand what face reading is. Some even ask, is there such a thing? This article will address some of the common questions people have on face reading, why we should be getting it done and why you need to learn face reading.

    What is Face Reading?

    Face reading is a psychological process in which people read the emotion of a person’s face. This is done by analyzing the different features and expressions on a person’s face. This will help identify their emotion, intent, and even their personality.

    Understand that face reading does not involve processing complex information about a person. This does not require scientific knowledge, advanced computer software, or time. The idea is to learn what’s on someone’s mind by the way that they look at you.

    How to Use Facial Expressions

    Once you have identified someone through face reading, a targeted facial recognition software can identify a user’s emotion in a picture. The software then interprets the user’s emotions by interpreting their expressions.

    This technology is known as facial expressions recognition or FACS. The facial expressions of your friends will always look different, and that is because they have different moods and emotions. Even though you see your friends once or twice a week, they express many different feelings and emotions while interacting with each other. All of this is invisible to you, but you can determine these emotions simply by listening to their conversations. This information can be used to predict the emotions of your friends based on their faces.

    How to Interpret Your Emotion

    While facial expressions can reveal a lot about a person, emotions can be subtle. Your emotions reveal your inner thoughts and feelings without you realizing it. Emotions change based on a number of factors, including stress, mood, emotions, physiological activity, and other factors that may have a bearing on your emotions.

    Understanding how to interpret your emotions helps you make proper decisions, accomplish tasks, and drive decisions. Understanding your emotions also allows you to achieve a better social life. However, there is a flip side. Not only is it good to understand your emotions, but also you need to understand your reactions to other people’s emotions.

    Benefits of Face Reading

    A face reading allows you to make a very accurate reading about yourself, your thoughts, dreams, and desires, as well as your behavior. The most obvious and intriguing benefit of using this kind of facial analysis is that it gives an insight into your personality traits and your unconscious inner thoughts and feelings. This is a useful tool and valuable addition to your personal library of books.

    There are very few reasons not to be involved in face reading for the reasons listed above. The main limitation is that there is an element of sleight of hand involved. However, some of the exercises will help you to develop an innate ability to decode your own face.

    Do You Need to Do Face Reading?

    This exercise can be extremely accurate, even to the point where for instance, a therapist who is seeing you and doing a chart may easily discover there is a problem with you. Just by reading your face, a therapist can tell if you are depressed to the point of death. You might not get the exact reading of the chart by just sitting down and reading it. Most people are unlikely to see all the possible areas on their chart, although we generally do spot some of the most important themes.

    What is Your Overall Personality?

    For instance, a therapist might realize that tall people are associated with good health, wealth, social intelligence, and other traits. They are thought to be rational and dependable. They do not seek attention or approval and are cautious with their money and reputation. Tall people are creative thinkers and are often put off by people who constantly go over things in their heads and are unable to commit. Overall, it would seem that heights and money are linked to certain personality traits. Although, some findings indicate that this is not the case and that people tend to share the traits associated with what is deemed as a desirable quality rather than a desirable quality in themselves. This is a conclusion that the therapist has made using the face reading technique. 

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