• “GG”- Get Familiar with the Most Popular Gaming Slang

    | Updated on July 7, 2023

    If you are into gaming, you must have heard people using the acronym ‘GG’ very often. Maybe you have seen your gamer friend saying it during a game or got to know about it from social media. Does that make you curious about why gamers use this abbreviation and what’s the use of it?

    In this article, we will discuss everything about ‘GG’, its meaning, why gamers use it, and how to use it.

    Let’s get started with the decoding.

    The Origin of GG

    ‘GG’ means ‘good game’ and is used to denote sportsmanship during any competitive video game. The use of ‘GG’ dates back to the mid-to-late ‘90s and was introduced by John Brandon while playing Marathon. In 1998, when the StarCraft game was introduced, GG evolved into the mainstream and this was the game that made many gamers experience this term. 

    What does GG Mean and How to Use it in a Game?

    GG when used in the online gaming world denotes that a game has been played fairly, was interesting, and for similar other positive reasons. It is standard practice to type GG at the end of a game or end of a round of the game and is considered similar to the handshake done at the end of a live game. 

    For Example, What a match! GG.

    However, sometimes GG can look rude or is considered BM, or “bad manners.” Some people even use it before the game has started showing their overconfidence. Things turn embarrassing when the same person ends up losing the game. So using ‘GG’ the right way is very important.

    All in all, GG is just a way of acknowledging that the opponent played well or if someone wants to quit the game in-between, they can say ‘good game’ and end the match with positivity no matter if they had won the match or not. 

    Other Variations of GG

    Over time, people have started using GG on several occasions and with variations; hence it is not just about ‘Good Game’ now. Other acronyms that are frequently used in the gaming world with their meaning are:

    GGWP- “good game, well played”; it is used to complement the fair game played and the efforts of the opponent even if they lost it.

    GLHF- “good luck, have fun”; another variation that is said at the beginning of a match to start the game on a light note.

    GGEZ- “good game, easy”; this one is considered to be bad manners and is used by someone insultingly after an overpowering performance. 

    Other Uses of GG

    The use of GG has moved from the virtual world to the real world in no time. Now, it is widely used in real games as well where two people play any friendly sports match; can use GG at the end of it. This term is even used by professional pokers during offline competitive events. 

    People when they get into the habit of using GG use it in day-to-day conversations even when there are no matches involved such as to show giving up on something or to describe a mean situation that is difficult to handle.

    You can say GGEZ if things turned out to be easier than you have thought of and GGWP can be used to compliment someone for their job or success. 

    Here are some other slangs largely used by online gamers

    AFKAway from KeyboardPlayer who is not active
    BAKBack at KeyboardPlayer returns to the game
    DCDisconnectPlayer has lost connection
    KSKill StealStealing the points that were supposed to be earned by the opponent
    MIAMissing in ActionAn opponent team player has vanished
    NOOBNewbie A new player in the game

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