Weapons with New Specializations in Destiny 2 and the Ghosts of the Deep Raid

| Updated on February 26, 2024
Weapons Specialization

Destiny 2 is one of the most recognizable, colorful, and interesting projects in the open spaces of the MMO RPG segment, where players can combine unique mechanics of space exploration, travel, and battles with other players and monsters, a system of raids and pumping.

Raids are especially important for online games and Destiny 2 is no exception here – the ability to fight bosses always brings new gameplay, challenges, and luck to the game, and most importantly, it allows you to get equipment that almost never has analogs in other activities on the project.

In Destiny 2, some raids come along with new seasons, as happened with Ghosts of the Deep, which became available as part of the Lightfall update, and the combination of two formats – farm and grind allowed the developers from Bungie to bring 5 new types of weapons and make interesting challenges around them to make it more interesting for players to earn new items.

By the way, the most valuable rifle will be one of the first to receive the Stand specialization and will begin to reveal the main features of the new mechanics that were introduced in Destiny 2 immediately after the release of the Lightfall update.

As for the raid process itself, everything remains the same for the Destiny 2 mechanic.

You need to collect or join a combat group, attack the boss and if you win, you can get a unique weapon.

The second way is to buy Ghosts of the Deep Carry from the Skycoach service. This is a professional service that helps players gain advantages in PVP and PVE, raid farming, and works with most online games that are in the gaming industry if it is possible to transfer items from player to player.

You can choose one of the options for passing the raid:

  1. You transfer your character to professional Skycoach players, and they perform the service of passing the raid without your participation, collecting all the drops, and taking the rest of the participants so that all the experience from the raid goes to your hero. Skycoach guarantees the anonymity and safety of personal data, the status of the transaction can be monitored online on the website of the service, when professional players finish the raid, you will receive a notification and will be able to log into your account and check the result and evaluate the reward.

    After the transaction is completed, it is mandatory to change the password, Skycoach is responsible for the account only for the duration of the service.

  1. You can go on a raid on your own as part of a battle group led by an experienced leader from Skycoach. It is important that you follow all the requirements, otherwise, the service will not be able to guarantee the successful completion of the raid.

Weapons and their Value in the Ghosts of the Deep raid for the Lightfall Update in Destiny 2

For Destiny 2, the developers launched a whole new season with actual quests and skills that you need to complete in order to get closer to the coveted trophy – stand rifle.

Strand Trace Rifle

This is a new weapon for Destiny 2 and one of the first ranged weapons to use the Stand specialization to realize their abilities.

The rifle will receive a unique skill that allows you to shoot at allies with special energy, which will increase the defense and basic skills of both the ally himself and the player himself.

The Rifle Stand has a fast reload perk that allows you to instantly reload two magazines and potentially two more if the conditions for completing objectives and passing a certain period of time are met.

The weapon itself is distinguished by the ability to reduce the overall damage from the enemy, which will effectively affect the passage of raids and PVP battles and at the same time reduce the target’s defense, which will help to end the battle faster in favor of your squad.

One of the most effective characters for unleashing the possibilities of Stand Trace Rifle is Warlock, who chose the path of support to help others. A unique combination of healing, buffing skills, damage reduction, and enemy defense will make him almost perfect support in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Rocket launcher

The new version of one of the best types of weapons – allows you to fire a lot of missiles to eliminate enemies and cause them severe damage, both by the missiles themselves and by their fragments.

The player can choose different perk manipulations and increase the number of rockets and reload speed by sacrificing base damage, or vice versa making shots slower but dealing more damage through shards and the shrapnel effect.

Grenade launcher

The difference between a grenade launcher and a rocket launcher lies in the number of projectiles fired per second, but do not rush to draw conclusions. The Grenade Launcher can be especially effective by inflicting collateral damage on the target, applying slows, and most importantly regenerating health when the missile hits multiple enemies at once.

Submachine gun

One of the most underestimated types of weapons due to its weak accuracy of fire and fast attack but low damage, many players have stopped using this type of weapon altogether.

Fortunately, the developers from Bungie mixed the power of the sun with good perks and now it is a full-fledged machine gun, in many ways not inferior to the main weapon.

The perk can significantly increase the accuracy of the shot and the speed of firing, but will not affect the damage.


A unique combination that allows you to put up a shield for defense and use the accumulated power to retaliate against the enemy.

Enabling the hold-in-place perk will increase the shield’s power when you take damage, but it’s imperative that you don’t move or the effect won’t work.

An ideal item for a titan, as it can significantly increase its defensive potential and increase the ability to inflict retaliatory damage on the enemy.

Conclusions on the New Weapons and the Raid

The raid itself will not present any special difficulties for players, since it is only a small part of the new season of the Lightfall expansion for Destiny 2, where players are only mastering the Stein specialization and new weapons.

Each weapon deserves its own attention, but first of all, it is worth striving for a rifle due to its uniqueness, power, and, in fact, a fairly simple way to get it.

All you need to do is complete story quests and seasonal tasks, go to the raid on your own as part of a group or with the help of the Skycoach service, and step by step get closer to the coveted trophy.

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